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About 3 months ago, I went shopping for a new TV. I went to a Best Buy store in Golden, CO and found the TV I wanted in a few minutes. The first salesman went to check on someone else while I was still searching. After he finished with those people, he helped two other customers who came in after me while I was waiting. Then a assistant manager approached and asked if I needed help. Grateful, I explained I wanted to buy the TV and his best response was he'd get someone to help me. He wandered off to who knows where and I never saw him again. Meanwhile, the original salesman helped two more customers who again came in after me. After waiting 45 min, flagging down a total of four different store agents, and still unable to get someone to sell me a TV, I left. To me, this was beyond bad. I've spent a lot of money at Best Buy over the years on DVDs, TV, and various other electronics. And there I was ready to drop $800 on a new TV and they just kept helping and checking out other people. As a result, I refuse to shop at Best Buy now and I have shared this story with all my friends. The amazing part was #1 they weren't surprised and had other difficulties with the chain and #2 I read it was listed as one of the top 10 most hated companies due to poor customer service. Imagine that. If anyone from Best Buy reads this, which I doubt they will since they obviously don't care about the customer, I've made several purchases since this event from your competitors and I actually feel good that your company won't see a dime of my money. I'll gladly give it to your competition and look forward to the day that you are out of business.
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Alan C

A lot of times this behavior occurs when you are buying an advertised TV and/or the other customers are buying extra unnecessary services such as protection plans.

"Not everyone can sell TV's," if it is already picked out, most of us don't need the nonsense of Monster cables and Geek Squad Black Tie Deception plans.


B.S! Seems you failed to read what he's complaining about, NO one helped him, but they helped other people that arrived after him.

I would have walked long before he did.

Even the manager blew him off!!!


You are way over-reacting. Not everyone can sell tv's, which is why the departments are seperated. But regardless, they were helping other customers, not just standing around.

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Best Buy Customer Care
Never buy online/phone with They have horrible service for delivery and customer care. I had a very bad experience with them and just want to let all know as they can be careful before ordering something. I ordered a Refrigerator from over...
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This G

This scenario is a warning to people buying appliances from Best Buy. This kind of thing happens ALL OF THE TIME!

The store makes promises that it can't always fulfill because they will do anything to make the sale and then blame the warehouse when things don't go right. Also, things get oversold and it always leads to customer disappoints. I.E.

3 different stores see that 1 fridge is coming into the warehouse and they all make the same purchase, 2 customers are S.O.L. and it doesn't matter

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Best Buy Customer Care

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