Best Buy is a ***!

I went in on Black Friday, nice and early to get a good deal. I got 2 tickets for laptop computers that were advertised in the paper. The Gateway laptop for $599.99 and a Toshiba laptop for $799.99. There were no prices on the ticket, just a bunch of bar codes and the title of the product.I stood in line for about 4 hours, the cashier rang me up and told me to pick the items up in the back. The next day I go to look at the receipts and realize that they charged me an extra $128 for each computer for 2 software and installation for these software, which was not disclosed to me nor was on the advertisement. I call customer service and they tell me to go ahead and bring it in and it would not be a problem. So I went in to Best Buy two days ago and tell them what happened. She said they would check on it. She took the laptops to Geek Squad, which was right behind the Customer Service desk and she said they would take a look. I told her that the Gateway shouldn't be opened since I was returning the Gateway completely. She replied with, They have to check on the software,so I let it go assuming that was her acknowledgment that I was not responsible for opening it. Then a manager comes back and says that I had to have known about the software and the installation charges because the bar codes were on the ticket. There were in fact bar codes all over the ticket but no prices or anything saying that they were an additional cost. The price for the actual product was also not on the ticket, it was in the ad. So naturally, I was upset that they charged me for something without disclosing it.. In addition, he said that there would be a restocking fee since the laptops were opened.. When I explained that they were the first to open it, they said that the boxes were already opened. The customer service rep also denied the fact that I told her not to open it since I was returning the Gateway outright and actually yelled and pointed at me saying that I was wrong. ( She was probably in high school). The manager basically said no and to take it up with Customer Service through the 800 line and walked away. This is one of the most frustrating situations that I have had to deal with. In the past 3 months I have spent over $3500 in appliances and electronics through them and they basically turn me away without any kind of help. They are outright liars and thieves. I plan to call my credit card company and dispute these charges as well as file a complaint with the BBB. I am so disappointed and upset. Consumers should not be lied to and charged for items that were not purchased. In addition customer service was terrible, I understand that the rep was very young but her attitude only made the fire stronger.I am never going back to Best Buy again.
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You are right, Bestbuy is a rip off. I wanted to buy one of the gateway at $599 and they did not have any in stock but they had a display model.

The manager would not sell it due to some sort of sku problem. She stated she was sure I would be happy taking it home today but laughed and stated I would have to come back in the week when they would be getting more.

Apparently they don't want to sell computers. I won't be back.


Yeah, never buy anything from the BB... they employ some of the biggest idiots and liars I have ever seen.

And yes, most of them are in highschool. And I hope they never grad and are forced to work at that dumb store for the rest of their dumb lives.

And as I never shop there. I'll never need to deal with them.

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