Sold me a bad tv | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

i bought a insigna tv from best buy in nov. we took set to lake house and used it for 4 days. we disconnected tv (as adviced) and closed up house. the house is climate controlled.we return in april, reconnected tv. set was not able to get signal. finally after talking to geek squad the set got a picture. the problem was everyone was green. there was no red in set. we return to best buy for a exchange but manager was rude. best buy shipped the set away for repair. so now i have no tv for 30 days or more. read the details of your 2 year buy does not stand behind their own brand, we will not buy from them again. beware best buy
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They are sending your TV away for repairs. It sounds like they are taking care of you. It's not like they told you to get lost.

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Pre-order not full filled | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

I pre-ordered the game "Home Front" for my X-Box 360. With the pre-order of "Home Front" from Best Buy a free headset was offered. On the 15th of March I went to pick up "Home Front" and the head set. I stood in line for sometime. When waited upon I was told they were all out of headsets and would not be getting any more. I was told I could take the game as is or get my deposit back. I chose to get my deposit back. The store I use is located in Fort Smith Arkansas.
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False advertisement | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

None of their employees or managers knows anything about their products. Pre ordered a game because they offered a free headset when you pre ordered. Then they didn't know if they even had the headset. After that they pulled the ad and we called several times to find out if we would still get the headset since we pre ordered. No one knew anything. They didn't know if they were doing a midnight release. Then other friends that tried pre ordering for the headset were told it was first come first serve, so no guarantee that pre ordered copies would receive a headset. We went to Wal-Mart. Will NEVER step foot in Best Buy again. It's more like Worst Buy
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I assume you're talking about homefront? Many people I know have had issues with their preorder for that game. I guess it was a storewide error. They did not send enough of the actual game headsets and had to suppliment. You're not the only customer with this problem. Everything is run by computers and sometimes the message doesn't travel fast.

Ps. Don't get worked up over something that's free. Its silly


Is it obvious that SIMON must work for WORST BUY???? since the only thing he ever has to say id something ***!


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You would think, though, they would know about the products and special ads they publish

but what would I know


More like Worst Buy...hahaha that's original.

Sorry if they don't put the whole store on notice about your video game. You would have thought they would have held a 5 hour meeting about it.

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Best Buy pickup site.

Best Buy hire mostly young boys and girls. I have waited to get waited on more than once, while the boys were chasing the girls. I can say that one they see you they ask if they can help, if not they go back to their playing. Best Buy should hire people that are knowable of their products and care about the consumer. Most of the time this means older people. This does not go on at one store, I have seen it at least three. I know they are not paid a commission,and the is to keep hard selling down, but maybe they need a supervisor that can keep it looking like a place of business.
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You are ridiculous. You think older people are going to know more?

I know for a fact, older people tend to know less when it comes to electronics and technology. The fact that they were young has nothing to do with how they acted.

That store obviously does not take care in who they hire, or keep an eye on their employess to make sure they do their job. Just because you're old doesn't mean young people are dumb.


Simon, you are right , I shop online.


If you don't like the service you receive, don't shop there. Problem solved.

No need to cry, complain, whine, ***, or anything else. Just don't go there.

Since you clearly have the know-how, if you have the courage to put up or shut up, put in and application and show them how customer service is done.

Be a part of the solution instead of whining from the back row. Unless you're scared of having a 17 year old kid being picked over you.


Simon, I do not care who they hire, there use to be customer service.


In order to be compete with places like wal-mart best buy has to be cheap. In order to be cheap they pay their employees minimum wage and no commission.

Most self respecting people with the expansive knowledge of electronics you require are not going to accept minimum wage.


You should tell the store you visit that they shouldn't hire who they want, they should hire who you want.

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No refund for defective goods | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

On Black Friday I purchased an advertised Rocketfish bundle from theAsheville BestBuy – a surge protector, an 8' high speed HDMI, and a screen cleaning kit. The $139.99 "value" was priced at $99.99, a price reduction of nearly 30%. The surge protector was DOA – the lights lit up, but none of the outlets worked. I took it back looking for an even exchange for a working model. Unfortunately, the other identical surge protectors were also defective. Unable to find a working model, I requested a refund. The Customer Specialist offered me $.01. He explained that I had only been charged that amount at the time of purchase. I responded that the $.01 charge was BestBuy's bookkeeping convention only. The advertised package had not been a "buy A and B and get C for $.01," but a whole package price I explained that I would be willing to take a proportionate reduction on the $39.99 price of the surge protector, but that a penny refund was ridiculous. Otherwise, I explained, I would be paying full price for the other two items as the result of BestBuy selling me a defective product. Undeterred, he said I had two choices – take a penny or return the whole "package." I returned all three items and immediately called the national Customer Service phone line. I explained the problem and got no reaction from the BestBuy's end of the line. Their representative did ask for both my phone number and my email address so that they could get back to me with the resolution of the problem. It's been 10 days and I've heard nothing and expect no response. Even if BestBuy's conduct doesn't border on fraudulent (which I believe it does), it certainly exhibits corporate stupidity and bad customer relations. It would have taken very little to keep me happy and now I'll never shop there again. I encourage all savvy consumers to avoid BestBuy and to tell their friends to do the same.
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An easy way to know what you will be getting back for your return would be to look at your receipt and see what you were charged?? Makes sense to me why not you???


Its quite simple, when you buy several products for a 'bundle' price the price of the individual items is taken down so it totals that bundle price. When you try to return a part of that bundle your are getting back what you paid for that individual item.


Ten feet tall men with small brains just must know it all. You are right -- cause people like you have to be. I'm retired from running a 10 million dollar business and you just run your mouth.


***. You aren't an attorney anymore than I'm 10 foot tall. An attorney would have more common sense than that.

So, Mr. Attorney, how much of the bundle discount should have been applied to that surge protector? Pants are the same item. You said it yourself, buy one get one free is different than a bundle discount. How would the store apply that to different items with very different prices?

An HDMI cable, screen cleaning kit, and surge protector probably would have cost $30 at newegg, but that's beside the point and you don't sound like you have any sense anyway.

You sound like your biggest problem is frequent returns. Let me guess, the pants were too difficult for you to figure out too. This is why returns are becoming more difficult for the rest of us. I'm sure your reply will be that these are the only 2 things you have returned in your life. Just save it. I see common sense and you will never meet.


As an attorney, I can assure you that this is not the "rule" in virtually every state. It is a practice that many retailers may follow, but it is neither common sense nor is it universally practiced. As a m atgter of fact, I just purchased 3 pairs of pants at a G H Bass store from a buy one and get 2 free package. I was given 2/3 of my purchase price back. Under your "rule" I would have gotten zero or would have had to return all three. To suggest that the computer couldn't have done a proportional cost adjustment is ridiculous. It could do anything that it is programmed to do.

If you didn't spend as much of your efforts being a self-righteous critic, you would have read that I did not willingly return part of the package. One part was defective and BestBuy couldn't supply me with a working model. Even if your rule were true, this case would be an exception since the failure was theirs alone and not mine.

Furthermore. it was bad business to *** off a good customer over a small amount like this. Interestly, someone at Best Buy actually agrees with me and has offered me a significant gift card to get me to return as a customer.


It's not only a rule in almost every store, it's common sense. Just because it isn't written down, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Their computer probably won't let them do a "proportional refund".

It's simple. You bought mulitple items for special bundle pricing. If you want to return any of those items for a refund (not exchange), you need to bring back the entire bundle.

I realize you don't like that rule, but every major store you visit will be the same way. If it's sold as a bundle, it needs to be returned as a bundle.


In response to the peoplearefunny, I add only that there are no suvh instructions with the surge protector. Furthermore, a device plugged into the master outlet didn't work when turned on.

In response to Simon, let me say only that there is no such rule written anywhere re: returning the whole package.

It is a practice that some stores may follow, but not a set-in-stone rule. My return was not because I decided that I didn't want the product, but due to the store's inability to provide me with a product that actually worked. The burden of good business practice is on them to make things right, mnot on me to have to make a separate trip to do a return.

Also to add to the foolishness, I returned obviously used products without packaging that they could not resell. It was a losng proposition for them all the way around.


Promotional Items and Bundles

When a promotional item is refuned, the value of the promotional item is deducted from the refund amount. For instance, if you purchase a TV and get a $100 gift card or 50% off of a DVD player, the $100 value of the gift card or the total value of the DVD player would be subtracted from the refund.

. When an item included as part of a promotional bundle is returned, the bundled discount is void and the value of the bundled discount is applied to the refund. This occasionaly results in additional funds being owned to Best Buy. For instance, of you recieve $200 in savings when you purchase a laptop and printer together and you return either item, the $200 amount will be subtracted from your refund.

My advice to AngryinAsheville is READ store polices before complainting!!


The new surge protectors have a "master" plug on them. One whole side of the surge protector (the one labeled "master controlled") won't work unless there is a device not only plugged in, but powered ON in the plug labeled "master".

Supposed to reduce energy consumption. Probably weren't even defective...unless you knew to check that.


Even so, that doesn't negate the fact that it was purchased as part of a package and thus, the entire package needs to be returned.


I'd might agree with you, Simon, but your assumption was wrong. Two employees tested the the three surge protectors and couldn't make them work either.

One even acknowledged that several had already been returned.

The simple fact was that they couldn't provide working equipment. Sorry.


When you buy things at a price as a part of a package, you typically cannot return just a part of the package. I'm not sure what they were thinking with the offer of a penny refund, but they were correct in needing you to return all the items you bought as a part of that package to get a refund. This is standard practice that will be the same no matter what store you shop at.

One DOA surge protector is unfortunate. 2 makes me think you don't know how to use the product. The odds of you getting 2 non-working surge protectors are very remote.

I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish by escalating the matter or even posting on this site. Best Buy didn't do anything the other big stores wouldn't have done. I think you are being unreasonable.

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Bay Shor, NY - BestBuy Buyer beware!! | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Purchased what a thought was a good deal 320GB hard Drive $60, turns out that there was a 40GB hard drive in the sealed box. Brought it back to bestbuy next day, and was told by Cust. #@%$^#, "MIke B." that I had to call the manufacturer and complain to them. I contacted BestBuy Cust. relations, "Tina" who assured me that she would contact store mangaer and do something about this..just as soon as we were off the phone. Well I week later I contacted them again..and left voice mail.. 3 days later still No call back - No real customer help. I'm currently disputing charge with my credit my card co. I used to spend thousands of dollars in their store as a computer repair man, now I rather drive 30 miles and shop at "MicroCenter".. screw Bestbuy, I hope they end up like "Circuit City".
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This G

Funny how you jump to conclusions after I tell you the proper way of going about how to fix your possibly unfortunate situation. Obviously the store isn't going to help you. But your post did make me laugh. Since you claim to work in computer repair, I'm going to assume you run a hammer store. Well I hope Home Depot puts you out of commission! (See how ridiculous it is to jump to conclusions about someone you don't know just because they have a different opinion?) And FYI, I actually WANT Best Buy to go out of business. They have incredibly shady practices which upper management will preach behind closed doors and then deny to your face. This is not one of them. All stores have policies in place to protect their bottom line. This is one of them for Best Buy.

Telling your friends and family about not shopping at that store is not going to hurt them. There always has been and always will be other avenues for people to buy their electronics. Tell me, why is it ridiculous to check the box of something you bought to make sure it is in there? This obviously happens enough to people everywhere that it seems like it would be a pretty good idea.

Here's my favorite part:

"I guess most of you sheeps outthere think is OK, when a big company reaches into your pocket and takes money from your kids mouth?

P.S. I alreay made my next PC/TV purchased at RadioShak and PC Richards... over $1,500"

You complain about food being taken out of their mouths over a $60 hard drive, then you go out and spend another $1500. LOL!

And for calling other people high school drop outs, you spell like a ***.


I hope your next customer tries to rip you off. Then if you don't fall for their ***, I hope they end up on this site complaining about you. See how you like it.


I hope your next customer tries to rip you off. Then when you catch them, I hope they end up on this site complaining about you. See how you like it.


Carma is a ***. I hope your next purchase from bestbuy is a rock in a box. Let's see how you like it.


Maybe they don't return your phone calls because they have given you their answer and they don't want to hear you whine anymore.

How many times do they have to tell you that they will not give you a refund on a product until you bring in the item that was purchased?

They aren't going to give you $60 for your old, used hard drive.

They caught you in your ***. Get over it and move on.


Hahaha, You're an ***. I am a computer repairman, I used to spend 15K to 20K at bestbuy. I run my own business, and have no need to scam besttbuy. I did not want a refund simply an exchange to complete a repair on a laptop. When I say, they took from my kids mouth it is a fact, since I support my family repairing computers. The Only scammers here are the people of Bestbuy, Bay Shore, NY.

you would think, they would at least return my phone calls after I presented my case with Customer Service Relations.

Nothing!!!! that's why I'm here... "Buyer Beware" of bestbuy the true scammers-conartist.


How do you connect buying a hard drive to taking food out of your kid's mouth? Are you saying that since you lost money buying a hard drive your kids don't get to eat?

Maybe you should buy your kid's food before you go to Best Buy.

You should just come clean already. You bought a 320GB hard drive, took it home, put your old *** one in the box, and tried to get a refund. Best Buy caught you in the act and now you're mad and embarrassed.

You were probably planning on using the $60 you conned Best Buy out of to feed your kids and now you can't. Well too bad.


I guess most of you sheeps outthere think is OK, when a big company reaches into your pocket and takes money from your kids mouth? I wll not laydown for this, I will fight, and fight.

I will persue all media avenues to show how *** up bestbuy is. If I can contribute to just .0022% to bestbuy demise, it will make my day.

P.S. I alreay made my next PC/TV purchased at RadioShak and PC Richards... over $1,500.

People!, there are more choices out there don't shop at BestBuy... shop at PC Richards, Staples, NewEgg, RadioShak, Etc.


Whoa there. No one was being rude, he was simply trying to explain the reason behind why you may be having a hard time getting a refund in this situation.

His point is: How does Best Buy know that you didn't change out the hard drive yourself? Should Best Buy take every customer at their word? I work in customer service and customers lie all the time to get their way. Think of how much money a store would lose if these policies were not in place.

You talk about profit margins. Well fraudulent returns cost a store a ton of money. Also remember that the more money a store loses on fradulent returns, the more they raise prices.


Never have a heard such a ridiculous answer, to open the box before you walk out of the store" Clearly you're one of BestBuy’s "Damage Control", rude high school drop-outs working there. You guys think you're too big to care about customer service.

Can't wait for the next big store chain to put you out of business.

I hope everyone who reads this post will boycott “Bestbuy” and passes along to their friends and family. Maybe if they feel it in their profit margin, they will do something about their customer service.

This G

This is an issue to take up with the manufacturer. If something comes sealed in the box, it has nothing to do with what Best Buy did.

A lot of fraudulent returns are done using the same story you are using, so when there are legitimate issues they tend to not believe it. There was one instance where a guy bought a wireless adapter, called from the parking lot to say there was a mix of cheesy potatoes in it. We told him to bring it right back in and we'd switch it out for him but he claimed he was "way too busy to come back right now" and he'd be back later. So the store had to take the loss on the cheesy potatoes wireless adapter.

While your claim is not nearly as outlandish, these things happen ALL OF THE TIME.

Best way to make sure it doesn't happen? Open it in the store.

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Best Buy Deal
Never buy online/phone with They have horrible service for delivery and customer care. I had a very bad experience with them and just want to let all know as they can be careful before ordering something. I ordered a Refrigerator from over...
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This G

This scenario is a warning to people buying appliances from Best Buy. This kind of thing happens ALL OF THE TIME!

The store makes promises that it can't always fulfill because they will do anything to make the sale and then blame the warehouse when things don't go right. Also, things get oversold and it always leads to customer disappoints. I.E.

3 different stores see that 1 fridge is coming into the warehouse and they all make the same purchase, 2 customers are S.O.L. and it doesn't matter

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Best Buy Customer Care

4 months and no refund on appliance | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

I purchased a $1200 washer dryer 4 months ago but had to return on delivery unfortunately because it did not fit up our staircase. Four months later, they acknowledge the item was returned but cannot figure out why I haven't been refunded. They blame everyone including the 3rd party manufacturer who delivered it, and their division called Best Buy Direct, who is supposed to handle the refunds. I have contacted them numerous times and they keep saying it is a high priority and they will follow up, but never do. I finally filed a dispute with my credit card company. They managed to convince my credit card company that they would refund me, so the credit card company sent me a letter saying a refund was promised and that they no longer considered the transaction in dispute. Unbelievable - it is outright highway robbery by a Fortune 500 company!! I am ready to file suit. I have never done this. Any advice?
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I sued Best Buy, but because of a national corporation, that requiers that you go thru the secretary of state in your state to get the proper information for small claims court. Yes nd I won with their corporate $$$$ attorney.

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Best Buy/Geek Squad poor customer service

My sister bought her son a $500 ASUS laptop from Best Buy last December. They don't have much money and going against my advice, she did not buy any additional warranty or insurance policy. Long story short, within 6 months, the LCD screen was cracked due to misuse and the computer was no longer usable. Understandably, since they did not buy the accident protection policy, Best Buy was under no obligation to fix the computer for free. My problem is that when she brought it to the Geek Squad section of the local Best Buy store, the computer was sent away for diagnosis and she was ultimately told that it would cost $900 to replace the LCD screen. Recall that the original laptop purchase price 6 months earlier was $500. It didn't make much sense to me that it should cost almost twice as much to replace the LCD as the original new price of the laptop. How would you feel for example if you bought a new car for $20,000 and when you brought it back to the dealer in 6 months to repair something they wanted almost $40,000 to repair it? Fortunately, I had enough technical expertise to diagnose the problem and fix it myself. My cost was $180 for the replacement LCD screen and $10 for shipping. My labor time was 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore, not counting my labor time, I fixed the laptop for $190 (versus Geek squad charge of $900). I believe that any reasonable person would agree with me that Best Buy was attempting to grossly over-charge for this repair. I'm just glad that I was able to help my sister avoid being ripped-off. Another example of customer service at its worst! By the way, I did call the Best Buy corporate customer service department to complain but they didn't seem to understand why I felt that this was bad service.
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$900 seems a little extreme, but it is the most expensive part of a laptop.

As a side line I renovate historic buildings. Had a project that was abandoned for several years. Need every window replaced, but still had to keep this historic window frames. I had 7 window companies quote the job, ranged from $150K to $2.1M. A team of 3 people and 6 months and we did it our selfs for less then $3K.

Moral: Self repair is ALWAYS less expensive!!

This G

They are a major company, with the main goal of making money. So to them, $900 from you is awesome. Next time, don't smash the screen


well they are a business first off so they have to make money. second thier parts department is a third party company and charges Best Buy full price for parts.

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Sold me a USED refrigerator as NEW!!!! | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

After having my Frig for for years and dealing with it leaking for about 2 years, I previously had a Tech look at it and he states it had been worked on before. He refused to make any repairs to it. I later called out Best Buy's people to look at it and they said the same thing. That it had been worked on before. I had never had a repair person to fix or make any repairs to the frig! The sore manager passed the buck to the 1800 customer service and said he could not do anything, customer relations and the service supervisor passed the buck back to the store. The store even had the audacity to recommend that I contact LG and deal with them. I will be contacting the Corporate office directly! They RIPPED ME OFF!!!
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