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All of Best Buy's commercials this year are making Santa look bad. They show him in an unfavorable light and the parent that bought gifts at Best Buy is left looking smarter.

That's not what Santa is about. Please remove those ads ASAP. Not good for kids.

BTW, I don't agree that this needs to be 100 words. What's up with that?

Why can't I say what I have to say in whatever number of words I deem fit?

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all who read this. Hope you have a super 2012 and beyond!

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Totally agree. BestBuy's commercials are 100% tasteless.

I usually don't shop at the store, but I will not be spending any of my money there for quite some time. Ads like that make me want to see a "going out of business" signon their stores.

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