Queens, New York
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I am one of managers of parking lot at queens place 88-01 queen blvd new york 11373 , we have one of the best buy workers , who refuse to pay his monthly parking fee , and he refuse to pay his ticket fee , and he parked his car at our location , and he waited until the manager left the location then he lifted the gate ,and left . with out paying ,.

we talked to his manager , and the mall security about it , his manager was very understanding person and he said he talked to him , but the other night he parked again , and he paid , but he was cursing , and showing no respect ..

thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So glad I don't live somewhere that I have to pay to park. Where I live all parking lots are free.


How is this a complaint about bestbuy? If anything this is a personal complaint about an individual who happens to work for a company, *** this isn't even a case of him being a representative of the store when doing this.

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