Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'll be brief with the details because it would take to long to tell everything.

11/6/13 ordered a dishwasher

11/11 it was installed and washed a load of dishes. they came out slimy feeling. thought maybe it's because it's new.

11/14 tried to wash a load, it wouldn't run. read manual, contacted the dishwasher co. they told me it was an installation problem. called best buy, monroeville, pa. spoke with a geek squad guy who gave me my options. I chose to return this one and pick out another dishwasher. The cashier set the date for 11/25. On 11/25, the disherwasher was delivered by they don't install. (I had paid for this) Spoke with mgr. who offered to remove the delivery charge and an additional $50. I agreed to this. He told me that they would install the following Monday. I waited for the expected call to let me know the time and they didn't call. I called them on the delivery day and they said between 2-6pm. That time came and went with no installer.

The story continues, but the end is, I'm supposed to get it installed 11/29/13. They were supposed to give me additional credit, which the mgr. denied offering.

It was the most frustrating experience. I will never shop there again. The manager lies and should be fired. Never, every shop there, go anyplace else.

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