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Filed on : January 29 2008

Filed by :Tarek Naguib2947 Millpond Dr E 3bHolland MI 49424

Filed against :Best Buy Company

Complaint Description:I have purchased a Dell Computer from Best Buy #883 Holland Michigan, the sales person indicated that this is the latest model of Dell laptop computer, I have asked him repeatedly if it is the latest model that Dell have, he said it just came out 2 month ago, when I went on line on my Desk top to register the Dell, next day I returned the Laptop to the store manager (Jenifer) and she have refused to refund the total amount when I explained to her that the store sales person has misled me that this was the latest module, and she charged me a stocking fee of 15% of the total sale, if the store sales person have told me the truth I wouldn't have bought that lab top and when I explained that she can check with Dell that this model has been discontinued she said it doesn't matter and we can't prove that sales person told me any deference, and that she have to fellow the store rolls, I called the customer service 2 times to give them a chance to fix the problem they cave me a case # 45356553 and 45359135 without solving the problem, I am asking to be fully refunded since the store sales person has misled me in believing that I have the latest model of Dell laptop.

Your Desired Resolution:To be refunded the 15% stocking fees. and that the sales person don't mislead other customer and be clear on the sales by saying this model is discontinued and that the company have a newer models and that he can order it for me, instead of laying

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Monetary Loss: $794.

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Shane Ryack - Look at the receipt and see if there is a sub-line under the model number that states "LP: 1234567890". You're looking for the LP (License Plate) number.

If the plate number is not on the receipt then it was rung up incorrectly. Try to find the "Shelf Display" sticker and return to the store with that. Explain the situation (calmly please, a little kindness goes a long way) and present the receipt and sticker. Ask for the promised price.

If the rep says "no" ask for the computer manager first (sub-managers are easier to pull away), if not available, ask for Store Manager, if not in, ask the the "M.O.D." Rinse and repeat. If no results, call 1-888-BEST BUY and explain. Rinse and repeat.

The original article seems misleading. The employee could very well be correct.

IF the customer did/did not specify the latest model Best Buy CARRIES. Not all Dell models are available through Best Buy. Our latest model could very well be somewhat old depending on when during the year you're shopping. Just before the new models come out, the oldest models (on display) would technically be the newest model available.

Not enough information here. This is hearsay.

The restocking fee is listed on the wall, on the receipt, the rep should have mentioned it and there's supposed to be a yellow sticker taped over the seal that reads "14-day return policy, 15% restocking fee if returned". Best of luck, sorry they made a bad impression.


Shane Ryack;

I say you should've checked your sales receipt before you signed your name OR left the store. :x


I have to agree with the last guy, why would you go into Best Buy to drop a huge amount of money on a computer with zero research or prior knowledge? And then you claim that the salesperson lied to you, when in actuality, he could've just been mistaken or ill informed.


With an item like a computer, why didn't you ask if there would be a restocking fee BEFORE you bought it? More to the point, with a big purchase like a computer, why didn't you do your homework BEFORE going to the store?

This is retail. OF COURSE they're going to just be after your money. The more they can sucker you out of, the more money they get. That's how the economy works.

Don't like it? Don't shop.


I have an issue regarding Best Buy's sales of display units as new at full retail price. I recently bought a laptop that was the last one in stock that was a display unit.

It was 2-3 months old and put in an open box marked "DISPLAY UNIT". I was told by the sales rep that I would be charged the "open box" price which was $55 less than the "new in box" price, but when I checked my credit card statement I discovered I had been charged the full "new in box" retail price.

I feel that is wrong and that I should get a refund of the $55 difference in price, or at least a $55 gift card useable for further Best Buy purchases. What say you?


Well if management would like to hide behind a service agreement or return policy to cover up for defective products and poor service. That's fine.

Remember... Enron. Just because your big does not mean that you can get away with poor products.

To everyone else .. remember we can buy from someone else


You read the return policy on the receipt you would know. It's retail, what do yo except 100% truth? You must be dumb minded


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