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I was in the market for the new computer was willing to spend $800 to $1600 for a decent computer. I found what appeared to be a great deal.

I bought a computer for $900 and if the specifications were accurate then this computer was a great deal.

I took it home and it stunk. Ran horribly and could handle programs that my 4 year old desktop can run smoothly.

I took it back and The supervisor talked me into buying a model that cost about $300 more. I was assured that if this didn't work I could bring it back and get a FULL REFUND.

Ofcourse when I tried the computer out is was almost as bad as the first on purchased.

I brought it back and they said I could either spend another $600 on a model that would "surely" work. OR I could get a refund but I would be charged %15 fee.

I told them I was gaurenteed a return with no fee if I was unhappy with this new computer. I must admit that the girl at the service desk was actually polite and respectful but she said firmly that she can not over ride the policy.

At this point I asked to speak with a manager. I waited for almost 40 minutes before he came over and before I could explain myself he just chuckled and said borishly "sorry dude you should have read the fine print" and then turned away and chuckled again. I calmly explained to him I would not have sunk more money into another computer if I was going to be charged a fee.

He wouldn't listen and Now i am down almost 200 bucks.

Review about: Best Buy Manager.

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To tech adviser(I'm sure) and Kye

You draw your conclusions with out any fact. That makes you ignorant, unintelligent or more likely BOTH.

More specifically: the software was bought the same day. BRAND NEW! So are you trying to tell me something just released this summer is out to old? PLEASE! You are dismissed ( you can continue to fail at life. Carry on)

And did I remove the trials and junk? I guess you have already decided. Of course I did. Techadviser you are just as lame as Kye. I believe you should get your mommies permission before posting moronic comments on the internet.

If any one else has any doubt as to me complaint then by all means continue to shop at Bestbuy (worst buy more like it). Were service is nonexistent and quality is NONE.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #37961

First of all your 4 year old computer is running XP

right? Theres one reason your XP software won't work

on your VISTA computer. It's a diffrent OS so of course it's not

going to work. Know what your talking about if your going to


Albion, Maine, United States #18569

It would help a little if we knew the make and model of laptop you are speaking about, too.

I don't suppose anyone ever offered to remove the spyware/adware out of your computer and optimize it either, right? :x

Arlington, Arizona, United States #13083

Did you clean all the trials and ad junk off of your computer? If not, then it's probably running around 60-70 processes when it should be running 30-35.

That's your own fault for being an *** that doesn't know how to properly own a computer.

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