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We purchased a dishwasher from Best Buy in Westminster CO on 2/24/18 for &765.00. Due to our remodeling, we were not able to install until June.

When it was installed, it had a major leak. We spoke to Best Buy and tried to either get our money back or get a different dishwasher. We were told by the General Manager there is NOTHING they can do for us, we would have to go through the GEEK SQUAD???? What the *** isn't the Geek Squad part of BEST BUY?

We then spoke to someone from the Geek Squad and were told that we are not in their system??????? We purchased the dishwasher from Best Buy, and we are NOT IN THE SYSTEM?????? Over the years we have purchased our TV's, and several other appliances from them AND WE ARE NOT IN THE SYSTEM????? Samsung came out and tried to repair the dishwasher, only to be told that it is a factory defect and to go back through Best Buy to see what they can do for us.


Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Dishwasher.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $765.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service sucks.

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I am a bit confused. First you said you went to Best Buy and they said they couldn't help you and to go through The Geek Squad, for some reason not explained.

Then, you say Samsung came out and said it was a factory defect, but to go to Best buy for help? You have a warranty with, presumably Samsung for a certain period of time. What is the warranty time limits stated in your paperwork that came with the machine? It sounds like your warranty period is over and any repairs you want done are now your responsibility.

Best Buy doesn't repair appliances, but if you had purchased an extended warranty, perhaps that policy would cover the repairs.

Sounds like you didn't do that---usually, a very wise decision---so if a local repairman cannot fix it cheaply, just junk it and buy another from some other store. It is what it is.

Sharon M

The Geek Squad is part of Best Buy, and the dishwasher is a Samsung that we bought from Best Buy, the WARRANTY was void since it was a factory defect, so we are screwed either way. WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM BEST BUY OR SAMSUNG.

@Sharon M

A warranty literally exists to cover manufacture defects. Why would it be void if one exists?


That's what the Samsung repairman said. So we took this issue to the news channels and we are getting a full refund. Best Buy does not like negative reports.

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