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I was in the Best Buy at Bell Creek Rd in Mechanicsville, Va on 6/21/18 and needed assistance in finding a USB cable and flash drive. The salesperson answered my questions about the cable.

Then I made a request about the flash drive and he pointed the location to me. I didn't see the drives, so I approached him again and asked the location. He rudely stated, "I told you they were over there." His tone was so very impolite and rude that I left Best Buy without buying anything. I refuse to spend money at a store that does not have respect for its customers.

On the way out, the gentleman at the exit asked if I'd found everything alright. I stated I had not and that I would not shop there again.

This was a humiliating experience. As previously stated, I will never shop Best Buy stores again, and will encourage others to do the same.

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