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This happened August 7th 2021 around 4:40 ish we have always shopped Best Buy for our electronics, however I was very disappointed and disrespected buy the Best Buy employees. My husband and l were shopping around, not only for a new TV for our kids room!

But having just remodeled our home and I needed some new appliances to fit the new look. We started off looking at the out of box TVs for the kids and some upright freezers and a new refrigerator I so badly needed! We decided just to get the TV and come back for the appliances later when we had more time. We saw a 32 Samsung out of box with a price of $179 and without remote.

We thought it's just for the kids, what a deal. As we went up the to register grabbed a few more things the cashier told us the TV was marked with two prices no big deal it was in fact $409 without remote. It was a little more we wanted to pay for a kid's TV and no remote, so we decided to pass. My husband told the clerk he would put the TV back and look around some more.

My husband walked one way and I walked on behind a shelf to check out something else that interested me. What the employees didn't know, I could hear their whole conversation. What was that guy thinking he could change prices and get a 400 dollar TV for 179? The cashier called over, I'm assuming LP, and proceed to tell them to watch my husband the Mexican guy with black shorts and purple shirt is changing prices.

I heard everything, I was enraged I addressed the employee to his face and the whole group of employees whom are just straight judging racially profiling my husband because he is Mexican. I told my husband we aren't spending money here, and I'm very disappointed in our location, Best Buy for #1 talking about customer in front of other customers. #2 they never apologized for the accusation. #3 I live in the community where the Best Buy is located.

I told my neighbor about my experience, and even they were shocked. I get that the Best Buy at the Biltmore colonnade 1949 E Camelback Rd Ste 101, Phoenix, AZ 85016 is a very white middle class community we would never try to steal nor take from our community we live in!

Furthermore, I get that the lost of an open box TV, freezer and refrigerator is not much of a lost to Best Buy, but it was our first choice and I cannot see myself shopping at Best Buy ever again. I hope management take this as an opportunity to train their employees better and treat everyone with respect regardless of race and Stereotypes!!

User's recommendation: Be aware of the people around you and what you say!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Pros: Selection.

Best Buy Cons: Employees.

Location: 1949 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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It sounds like you're bitter about the tv not being sold at the price you wanted. Bringing race into the equation makes you even more petty.

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