I purchased a 26" Sony Tv a couple months or so ago under the terms "no interest for 6 months."

I started getting a monthly bill to pay $10, but I thought your policy was like Sears: You get billed for it, but it's not due until 6 months. I noticed a $39 late charge on my bill, and I called you to make sure that nothing was due for 6 months, as the salesman had indicated when he sold the tv to me. When I found out that I owed a late charge already, I talked to your "Neal", and we agreed that I would send in the total amount of the purchase, and that the late charge would be erased from my record. I sent in the check with a letter, detailing the problem and my assurance by "Neal" that there would be no late charge. Friday I received another bill where you had knocked off only 1/2 of the late charge - that I still owed $19.50!!!

I could have paid the full amount at time of purchase, but I thought if you wanted to carry it for 6 months, I would take advantage of it.

I do not want a late charge, or pay for a late charge, because there was a misunderstanding.

I have a copy of my March 25 letter to you that I enclosed with my check. I hope you will live up to the verbal agreement I had with your employee, "Neal." (Since I paid in full in March, I am saving you having to carry the loan).

Please let me know if you will delete the other half of the late charge, as verbablly agreed.

Thank you. Please contact me.

My email is: young.glen@sbcglobal.net

My telephone is: (925)516-7890

My account number is: 7021-2600-2301-4152

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:eek Where on earth do you think that there is a credit card that lets you not make payments for 6 months??!!??you always have a minimum payment.

that is why they send you a bill...(the bill should have been your first clue...they dont have due dates on them for nothing you know...

Corinth, Vermont, United States #16280

You might not want to display your credit card info to the public like this. Maybe if you wouldn't do stuff like this you would still have your 19.50

Endeavor, Wisconsin, United States #13933

see above

Endeavor, Wisconsin, United States #13931

I suggest you read your contract, additionally employees routinely explain the program in detail.In the contract which you agree to at purchase, it clearly states that all payments must be made in full within 6 months, you can pay a minimum each month and then pay the balance prior to 6 month period ending and still take advantage of the interest free offer.

IF at any time you do NOT make a payment, or fail to pay balance within 6 month period, the interest will be charged on the full amount, plus you may incur a late fee.

Fairly standard practice in the Retail Industry....it's not Rocket Science folks.

Centreville, Virginia, United States #10436

It's your own dumb fault.You said it yourself, "no interest" for six months.

Not "no payment" for six months.Best Buy don't owe you a dime.

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