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On October 21st, Saturday, my washer of 4 years stopped working. I needed a new washer and wanted to match the dryer I already had.

I went to Home Depot and found the washer I was looking for, and it was even on sale!! I talked to a female sales lady who was very nice and offered to have it delivered to my house on Wednesday because they did not have this item in stock at the store. NOPE. That would not work.

I had the pickup and I needed it today. I explained this and to my dismay she called a store competitor, Midway Appliance. She verified they had one in stock and advised them of Home Depot's sales price. While on the phone she verified that Midway would honor that price.

This was great, but Midway was clear across town at least 25 minutes one way and did I mention it was Saturday. I really didn't want to spend time running across town for a washer. But wait there was hope, because I was on my phone online while the Home Depot lady was talking to Midway. Best Buy which was right across the street showed they had the exact same washer in their inventory.

Home Depot lady was great, confirmed I was good to go to Midway and they were waiting. But I didn't owe Midway anything and ultimately I could save almost an hour of time going right across the street to Best Buy. I went straight to Customer Service and spoke with a lady in Best Buy. I asked, "confirm you guys price match guarantee?" Reply was absolutely.

I explained I was after a washing machine and it showed it was in stock. She directed me to the appliances and said a sales person would be there. I went to the area, found the display model which was $108.00 more then Home Depot had it on sale for. Now here is where things started going bad.

15 minutes later no one had come to help me, so I went back to the front counter and told the lady I was still waiting. This time she called someone via walkie-talkie and told me they were on the way. A gentlemen showed up, true salesmen, who listened to my need for a washer and immediately tried to sell me a dryer too. Had to do his job.

Right? I am ok with that and told him I already had the matching unit. I confirmed they price matched and he replied affirmative. I told him I went on line and it showed one in stock.

He politely said he needed to check their inventory system because online was not always accurate. 13 minutes later he told me that it was in fact correct and showed one in the store. (Now remember, I said I didn't want to drive 25 minutes one way, so I am watching the time and getting frustrated.) NOW, he told me that he needed to verify that it was in the store physically. Whew.

Ok. Not much choice here, but wait. While waiting, can you point me towards the Roku's, a streaming digital media player. The salesmen was off and I was heading in the direction he sent me.

Now, this is minor, but truly makes a big deal here. You got to give me a moment to explain too. I was buying a $639.00 washer, on sale for $531.00. Of course I want to save money, but I wasn't buying a used washer, or even the $300 - $400 range models.

Now standing in front of the Roku's, I saw they had a variety from cheap to the best. ($29, $39, $59, $69 or 79 and then $99.) The only one in a large box was the $99.99 model and it had one of those wrap around security wires on it to prevent theft. Just by looks you could tell which model I had picked up. I grabbed that box and headed back up to the appliance area.

Please remember the sales guy just went to verify it was now physically in stock. 8-10 minutes later he showed back up and stated he found it in the back. He then told me he couldn't find it online at Home Depot for the price I told him. Ha.....

I smiled. I not only took a photograph of the price tag and model number at Home Depot, I also got the name of the sales lady that had called Midway for me over an hour ago. Should have followed karma and went to Midway. Would already be home now.

I forwarded the picture via text message to the salesmen's phone and off he went to find the General Manager. About 10-12 minutes later he came back stating the GM was with another customer and would be back soon. The salesmen made a comment about the Roku in my hand, stating "I see you found it." Remember it's the expensive one. A few minutes later he left again and was gone for over ten minutes.

Now I have completely lost track of time, my friend who is with me is starting to complain because everything is just taking so long and stated we could have been back home by now. The salesmen comes back, and implies, that he doesn't believe the advertised price from my picture, as I go to interject and state I have her name and number for you to call Home Depot, he states that they (Best Buy) would not be able to give me the washer for that price. But the GM told the salesmen that he could take $50.00 off the price of $639.00. Remember what I said, I was holding another item for $100 and the salesmen knew this.

He told me $50.00 was a good deal. I asked about the price match guarantee, to which I was told they have to be able to verify it, and he doesn't know what type of promotion Home Depot has with Samsung to get such a price. (Yet Midway was going to honor it right away.) I interrupted him politely and asked if he would be able to put the Roku back on the shelf. The next 25 minutes driving to Midway was a venting session for sure.

My mom probably wouldn't have agreed with the choice of words used. I was upset. In closing, I got a better model at Midway and the whole process from walking in and walking out took all of 15 minutes. Now it is 4 days later and I intentionally avoided sending such a complaint because that's not really what I do.

I needed time to calm down and see how upset I really was. But Best Buy completely failed in every aspect of what they promise to do. Sadly, I will now drive further, regardless if Best Buy has the lowest price because not only did they not honor their statement, they were very in-efficient to verify the item was in the store, ( over an hour) and then lastly didn't even recognize I was going to spend more money on something else. What type of GM do they have?

In the long run, that $58 loss would have been made up greatly over time.

Oh well. I still like Midway and Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Right now, I don't have one. I am still upset reference the whole time issue and lack of honoring their statement..

I didn't like: Did not honor their statements of price match.

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