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We ordered a 50" TV with delivery and installation services. When I placed the order I chose to have the delivery on April 7 between 12-4 pm. At 2 pm on 4/7, I receive an automated call from Best Buy letting me know that the delivery and installation had been canceled and to return the call to the toll free number to reschedule. When I called back, the customer service agent told me that there was no reason shown as to why the appointment was canceled.

The CSR told me that there was no record for delivery/installation on 4/7 in their system, and that they showed the installation for 4/17 between 8-10 am - which I did not schedule as I scheduled the service for 4/7. I asked if I could send them the email I have confirming 4/7 between 12-4 and asked how if there was no record of the 4/7 delivery why I would have received a call canceling the order. She informed me that she could not receive an email and of course they could not answer the question as to why I received a call canceling the appointment. She told me that she wasn't calling me a liar but that she could not verify my 4/7 appointment - even though I told her I would email her the confirmation I received from Best Buy. She recommended I go to the store to try to resolve this. If I had wanted to deal with the store, I would have done that in the first place and not placed the order online.

She then informed me that the first available date for this service was 4/21 between 8-10 am. I told her that this was unacceptable customer service and that I would like to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor refused to come to the phone until I rescheduled the delivery. I informed the CSR that this was unacceptable and that I expected to speak to the supervisor first. After 20 minutes of this and several holds the supervisor finally got on the phone. Again, she did not acknowledge the 4/7 appointment and informed me that email confirmations are sent out that may not actually be honored - poor cutomer service. I asked her if I could forward her the email with the confirmation for the appointment and she informed me that she did not have an email address. How does a supervisor in Best Buy not have an email address - again, an unacceptable answer.

Again I asked, if the 4/7 appointment was not valid, why did I receive a call from Best Buy canceling the appointment - btw in the middle of the time the appointment was supposed to happen - and again, she did have an answer. At this point, the supervisor was able to open the schedule to reschedule my appointment to 4/10. How did the 4/10 appointment just appear after the customer service rep told me the next available was 4/21?

The Best Buy leadership team should listen to this phone call and review their process for accepting, sending emails, and confirming appointments. This customer service is unacceptable and all processes should be reviewed and updated to improve how customers are handled.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Poor customer service documentation and timing response.

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Best Buy made some mistakes due to their inherent unreliability but your mistake was in not cancelling the whole thing---instead you got into an argument with them. They messed up and you should have taken your business elsewhere.


what an idiot Soon none of you will have jobs amazon will run you out of business

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