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I bought a GE free stand convection gas range. Also paid for installation and the necessary kit. The sales man at the Best buy said the installer would the bring the kit along with him/her and they tentatively scheduled for the delivery with an understanding that the installers would call me the night before the delivery for exact delivery time slot. NO body called till I called them. They showed up without the kit and wanted me to buy another kit from the installing company. Even though I told them that I already paid for it. They did not listen and took the range back. I went to the stores and told what happend. The sales person appolazied and gave me the kit and rescheduled for 4/11/2012 with a note that the installer would call me night before the schedule. Even the second time no body called me with the schedule of the time slot. When I called from my work, I was told by the Best buy delivery department and the installing company (Optima) that they were coming to install between 11.00AM-3.00PM. I told them that even this time that I had not not received any call and requested if it could be delivered after 1.00PM. Only thing both companies tell me was to rechedule again (for third time). I had to leave my work and come to my home for the installation. They arrived at 11.30AM to my house and they said the range was delivered to me last time and placed in my garage. Even though I told them that it was not delivered to me, they did not listen and wasted my time. After 20 minutes talking and phoning, they agreed that it was not delivered to me and they infact had it in their truck.

There was no coordination what so ever between the Best buy and the Optima company for that we end up paying installation charges. The Best Buy blames Optima and the Optima blames the Best buy. As a customer I see this is the problem with the Best company who took the responsibility and charged me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Location: Irvine, California

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I am so sorry to hear this. Optima services services all over the United States so there are tons of companies they contract out.

We install for optima in our area and we have issues with communication with the stores so we basically gave all appliance managers and employees out cell phone numbers and they gave us theirs..we try to just cut out optima as a middle man for communication and try to work together to get the customer take care of.

We always call our customers with time frame the night before and we try to accomadate people time requests if possible but best buy seems to have a hard time letting us know those requests. But I'm sorry you had a bad experience


while I do agree that Best Buy should have taken more responsibility, it's common for retail stores to hire other companies to take care of parts of their businesses/services.


THis is not a responsible answer, because the installing company was arranged through the Best Buy. The best buy charged the amounts.

As a costumer, I am not responsible for the company the Best Buy contracts. The Optima company will not listen to me as I don't have any contract with them. The Best Buy is responsible. When ordering the installation package, I did not even know that the best buy had contract with some other company for that part of the job.

It is the duty of the Best Buy to make sure that the items purched are delivered in proper manner.

It is not a well thought out answer.



The issue is with the OPtima Company. They are the ones doing the install and failed to adhere to your needs.

I am truly sorry and hope you have better service next time. You would see if GeekSquad was installing you wouldn't have these issues.

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