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I went to buy a fridge because mine died the 12/15/16. I told the salesman..."I need a fridge Yesterday"!

"Is it possible to get one in a few days"? He was a very nice guy, ( Ed, in the Everett Ma store) he did what he could, tried everything. He got me a fridge for the following Monday, 12/19/16! YAYYY!!!

Saturday evening, I get a call confirming my delivery. I asked if they were taking the old one, she said "if you want". I said "yes please"! Approx.

1/2 hour later, I get an email confirming the fridge will come but due to them now taking your old fridge, it will be on Thursday! I called & spoke to a girl, who was so non-shalont (sp*), I thought I woke her up! She said that "I" had called to change the date"......OMG!! I said "I did not"!!

I asked for a manager, (Chris) he sounded like he could care less!! He said "we sent in the request, we will know in an hour if it can be changed back to Monday". I said "I'll call back". One hour later I called Chris back, he said "oh I forgot they close at 5, so we won't know till tomorrow".......OMG again!!!

(I have no fridge, a week before Christmas)!!! I finally spoke to another manager (at least that's what she said). She told me "we are working on it"!! I then figure out that I have no choice but to wait for the fridge to come when ever the heck they decide it should.

Because they have my money, it's a week before Christmas, no other store will deliver until 12/30/16 the earliest, because it's too late. In a very PISSED off conclusion, I figure out. I paid more than I ever expected to pay for a fridge, because it's Christmas week, but mainly because BEST BUY promised delivery in 4 days and I'm screwed!! BEST BUY....if your reading this, and I do hope you are & that this matters to you.

I am remodeling my kitchen.

I need ALL new appliances, fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave, washer & dryer. Since I purchased a Kitchen Aid fridge, I plan on purchasing ALL the appliances.......Kitchen Aid.....I WILL NOT BE BUYING THEM FROM BEST BUY!!!

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to "i want my fridge on the day it was promised to me. i have no choice but to wait for your employees to make a decision as to when i will get my fridge...a week before christmas!! perhaps if i wasn't treated like it really didn't matter, i'd feel different" as the author lost $2335. This person is overall dissatisfied with Best Buy. The most disappointing about best buy shipping service at Best Buy was attitudes of the rest of the people, phone customer service and customer service does not exist as near as i can tell , but reviewer liked ed the salesman. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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