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I purchased a television a year ago and opted for the extended warranty. Four weeks ago my television back light stopped working so I called the warranty company.

They sent a local company to pick up my television for repairs. Mind you this television was not that expensive and figured on it being replaced. I was given the timeline of 7 to 10 business days for them to decide if they were going to replace it or repair it. I went 3 weeks without a television.

On the 10th day I received a call at 4 p.m. stating my television was not repairable and was given a confirmation number. Now during this time while I waited for my television to be repaired or replaced, I went to Best Buy. During my visit I found a great deal on a television package but could not purchase it at the time because the status of my television was in limbo.

I certainly missed, what I think was a great deal. When I received the news about the status I went to Best Buy and the deal was no longer. I was very upset because of the delay in which it took to give me the status of my T.V. missing the opportunity to purchase a package deal.

So, I sent an email to Best Buy expressing my disappointment. I was given a confirmation that I would be called in 3 business days. No call. I had to call Best Buy and file my complaint.

I waited on the phone for one hour and fifteen minutes for them to offer me $175. I made a counter offer of $250 which of course is roughly the cost of the sound system that came with the package. I was then sent over to a manager who said "No, we cannot retro offer a deal that is past" I explained because of the numerous delays caused by the warranty company I had no choice but to pass on the offer. I was told again "Sorry but that is our final offer" What was I suppose to do?

I accepted grudgingly. I would like to point out the representative I spoke with was Royal or Royce or Roy.

I acknowledged I did not raise my voice nor make insults or threats. Nor did I make any insults I was pleasant.

Review about: Best Buy Deal.

Monetary Loss: $799.

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The Best Buy warranty replaces the TV; it does not make you whole on the purchase price, so that you can buy something else.

Many times, TVs with surround systems are purchased by the vendor - NOT Best Buy. Those terms are not something that can be played with, or else the retailer will lose money on the deal, rather than being reimbursed by the vendor.

So, the timing may have been bad, but it wouldn't have happened anyway.


it does suck that they took so long that you missed the sale.

to margie

nothing stated above said that Best buy would not repalce the TV.

if a replacment is isued the customer is basicaly given a store credit for the amount paid. Wonderboy is complaing that he didn't get his cad fast enough and missed a deal.

say he paid 1200 for the TV. he gets 1200 back to get a new TV. but two weeks before that there was a sale on a TV package with a theater systum and blue ray for 1200. he wants that. but it's no longer on sale. it sucks that the time frame was missed but look at it from all angels. and don't be so greedy wonderboy


An attorney would have forced them to replace the TV. I had this very same problem with Conns (hence, the name). I bought Prepaid Legal. My $1400 TV burned out after 1 1/2 yrs. I had an extended warranty that cost $300. Conns stalled for 4 months. I purchased PPL and had a new TV in two weeks.

Buy it - be covered

Margie Larioza 512-341-2887

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