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Purchased 3 DVD's on 03/17/13. When I openned the first one I noticed the factory "seal" with DVD title was missing.

The "seal" is a tape adheard to DVD case with movie title and must be removed in order to open the case. This DVD was defective and would not play in 2 different DVD players. The second DVD was also missing the factory "seal". Did not open this one.

The third DVD has the factory seal. Will attempt to exchange/return the two missing factory seal. Feel I have been scammed by Best Buy. I was deliberately scammed by Best Buy and am now burdened with correcting this situation.

Do not trust Best Buy any more. Stay Away!!!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Ever hear "Preachin' to the choir"? You just learned a Best Buy lesson.

Don't go there. You think you're the first to buy DVDs there opened or repackaged?

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