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In march 2016 i bought a sharp roku tv, per sharp their tvs have a 2 year warranty. At best buy however sharp products have a 1 year warranty, considering the tvs are built specifically for best buy wouldnt best buy need to tell you that?

The answer is no they are however willing to sell you an extended warranty. So after 18 months the tv dies and i find all of these things out. So i call and try to file a compliant but i can't. The email for compliants doesn't work, the customer service is so scripted i have a hard time believing if all consumer are treated as i am transfered 5 times telling the same story over and over that they can even remain in business.

They are more than willing to charge you 99.00 to tell you what is wrong but not willing to stand behind their exclusive products. BEST BUY AND TGE GEEK SQUAD IS A RACKET!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sharp Tv.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I went onto Sharp's website, and every TV has this under the warranty information: "WARRANTY PERIODS All warranty periods shall be calculated from the date of original purchase.  LCD/LED TV: 1 year (replacement Product and parts assume the remaining original warranty period, or ninety (90) days, whichever is longer)." They are for ONE YEAR.

Pretty much every major electronic appliance has a 1 year warranty. Again, this is directly from Sharp, not Best Buy.


I have tried Sharp, and was informed by a customer service representative, most of their products have a 2 year warranty, except items specifically made for Best Buy, they have a 1 year.

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