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I went to Best Buy to purchase an AT&T Go-Phone. I planned to have my number moved from my old phone (which was broken) to the new phone.

1. A salesperson, named Preston, tried to shortchange me this morning. I pointed out the error: he took 5 minutes to give me the correct change and did not apologize. He was simply resentful.

2. Then, he lied, saying that it was not possible to move my number to my new phone/SIM card.

3. When I told him that it had been done before, he was angry but began to open the box and try to configure it.

4. I told him not to bother, and that I would take care of it myself.

5. He then clutched the phone to his chest, and refused to let me have my phone.

6. When I asked him if he intended to keep the phone that I had just purchased, and should I get the manager, he let me have my new phone, but indulged in some name-calling.

7. I told the store manager about it. I was very angry and wanted the Store manager to deal with the employee.

8. Store manager refused to deal with it, and told me to leave the store. Apparently, a customer is not allowed to be angry, while a Best Buy employee is allowed to subject you to abuse. He refused to configure my phone and did nothing about the salesman. The store manager's name is Anthony Donzelli.

It's really like something from some ridiculous TV show. I've never experienced anything like this before. I've made a formal complaint and will not shop there again. Returning the products later, but will not go there alone. Will go with others.

Best Buy = Worst Buy.

  • Anothony Donzelli
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From what I read you were the one acting rudely. I would not want to help you if you acted the way you did.

All because he gave you the wrong change. Do you not make a mistake?

You have to learn to treat people the way you want to be treated. I have shopped at Best buy for years and have always been treated very well but then I do not start cursing if they make a mistake.