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This started as an ad on Instagram for BestBuy stating up to $550 credit for phone trade in program, which I took advantage of on 3/19/19 for a total value of $850 (Samsung Note 8 $550, and Samsung S8+ $300). Before signing, I asked the Pick Up attendee (because customer service desk is permanently closed in the Lancaster Pa BestBuy), Could these be used online, combined, which he (Trevor?) answered yes to 3 times.

The entire trade in took over 45 minutes with at least 5 different employees trying to help as no one seemed to know how to complete a trade in. I was not presented with Terms and conditions, just to sign on the credit card machine. When the employee saw the amount of $850, he remarked “Jesus that will almost pay off the whole phone” as I was going home to purchase the phone online since the store did not have the model I wanted in stock, and would not be getting more in for over a week, and they would not hold the devices or order per my request, as well as my online promotions I would not get by buying in store. After such a long and frustrating process that took entirely too long, from too many employees who obviously had no idea how to do their job, I left frustrated without reviewing my 6 page recite.

A few days later on my day off I proceeded to purchase my new phone online with my gift cards and was prompted from the site as not able to complete. I reviewed my papers to see a note that said “in store use only.” So I went back to the store to talk to the general store manager Eric, who refused to help me after explaining to him how his employees miss informed me and that I needed credit for the phones in the total agreed upon amount of $850, which he laughed at and said NO. But then proceeded to tell me I could used my in store credits to buy the phone in store and they would Issue the 6% difference as store credit for my online shopping rewards program. An issue came up with the lack of ID to purchase in store and it was closing time, so I left only to come back to the store for a 4th time the next day 3/30/19 the last day the credit was good for, and was presented with an assistant manager saying “he knows you have 2, but you can only use one, and if you return it, you will not get a refund.” I said thats fraud I need to speak with the store manager, which I was made to wait more time for.

Eric came over saying he had done everything he could and theres nothing he can do. I asked for his superior and he said he did not have one. I asked again (as Eric does not own BestBuy) his response was 888-best-buy. Call them I cant help you.

So I left and called them, got transferred 5 times, hung up on once, and was told they could not look into my case but from my explanation, I should be allowed to use everything online, together, for any purchase of my choice and if I was having issues, go see the store manager. I returned to the store, told Eric what phone support said and he made a laughing smug look saying yea sorry I cant help you, you should really call 888-best-buy. I went home checking my account with BestBuy online, as that is what phone support told me, and it showed a credit of $0.00. BestBuy blatantly took advantage of me as a customer and then completely refused to help in any way, or any form of credit, other then saying “sorry.”

I have tried numerous times contacting BestBuy customer support with no solution.

They have already told me if I try to return the device, I will not get a refund.

I am unsatisfied with their level of customer support. I am unsatisfied with their lack of attempts to correct their mistake, in fact, them blaming me the customer for their mistakes. I asked for the discount of $567, they said no, I asked for a gift card for $576, they said no, I asked for an in store credit for $567, they refused. They refused to help me in anyway.

They took advantage of a big box store ploy. Call corporate. Go to the store. Call corporate.

Go to the store. There is no option for me other than filing a dispute and calling them out on them not giving me the credits they promised me.

BestBuy refused to issue me a full credit of $850 after taking my devices from me, refusing to give them back, and only giving me $283 and refusing the rest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: refused credit promised.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Cons: Unwillingness to help, False information, Lack of knowledge, Awful return policy.

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  • General Manager Attitude
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