On 7/3 I purchased an open box Macbook at the Boardman, OH location through BOPIS because I left my credit card at home (which was 45 minutes away) and needed my husband to place the order so I could purchase it for my son who needed to complete a college summer assignment last night. When we got it home and turned it on, there was a golf ball on the screen, with a prompt for a password under the geeksquad login.

I called trying to get the password. After being shuffled around several times and locking out the computer, the last Geek squad guy told me i could go to the Niles store (only 25 minutes of a drive for me) and exchange it for a new model (it was only $63.00 difference). I go to the Niles store and they were a huge help..5 ***** for their great customer service! Anyway, they did not have the laptop in stock so I had to pay a difference of $158.09 for the next cheapest model, which was also an open box.

I spent over a hour in the store with the staff trying to unlock the computer again, So I get home, call customer service again, and after being "disconnected" several times yesterday, the last agent I had on the phone said he had to speak to my husband since the original purchase was on his credit card (thoiugh I did all the transactions..grr) then they promptly hung up on him..I spent over 4 hours running around and on the phone trying to get a laptop to work for my son and then we started to set it up, it now says his apple account is invalid. Mind you he has the watch, ipad, phone all with the same account. So needless to say, he had to go to my brothers at 930 last night to use his computer to finish his project. I am seriously frustrated and dont want to take another chance sitting on hold, getting disconnected, being transferred to someone that I can't understand, or I have to reexplain everything too.

I have bought many open boxes over the years and have never had an issue. I am severely dissapointed not only that my son was inconvenienced and all the time i spent on this macbook, but that I could not talk to the actual Boardman location to see if they could provide the password to work in the first place, Now I will be going to the niles stores sometime today to figure out how yo unlock my sons apple account..or maybe just bypass and contact apple which will be more time spent on the phone.

So hopefully someone can figure out how to help me and this way I dont get hung up on, disconnected, or transferred around. Seriously, Best Buy caused so much frustration with sending me everywhere without a solution.

Additionally, I couldnt log into my existing best buy account lmstass@***.rr.com because my password would not reset quickly and I had to create a new account. I do not see points for my original purchase in my account either.

Location: Southington, Ohio

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