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I would not even give Best Buy a one-star rating, purchased a TV and a DV player for my motorhome. I was out of town I return the items 2 days after the 15 day policy which is a pretty short policy at that.

The product had never been opened yet they had to check and make sure everything worked which they didn't do for me when I purchased it. The manager would not give me a refund had to give me store credit haven't shopped there in years don't plan on shopping there again but I had to take the store credit. As a manager he could have overridden this I believe had I been a friend of his that's exactly what he would have done.

The person or the manager that help me out was very unlikeable had no customer service whatsoever definitely needs to go to a p r class. This was the first time I had shopped at Best Buy and it will definitely be the last time now I can understand why you're reviews suck

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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15 days is 15 days. Does it say anywhere on the receipt " unless you're out of town"?


The store level Does Not make the return policy. Senior staff Above the store level makes the return policy.

Senior Staff Above the store level also makes the policy regarding What Can be overridden.

There Are consequences to overriding policy. So send their Corporate Headquarters a letter detailing your complaint.

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