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I am not going to give the short version of this nightmare. Bought 3 phones with extended warranty in 2013. They changed the terms in Sept 2013 which I was unaware nor was informed - so 2 of the 3 phones (purchased year end) were affected and I wanted to get a credit for those warranties because the new terms had a $200 deductible which for me did not justify the expense of the warranty. So I start the process 1/24/ was ridiculous - they couldnt find the transactions in the beginning and I had all receipts with all the info including dates and time...........its up to 7 phone calls with each lasting way over an hour and 6 confirmation #s that the cancellation and credit would happen - to date i have 1 of the credits in full which processed the day of the 1st call and a partial credit for the other. The random amount they credited oon the 2nd makes no sense even if they were going to *** for the 2 months from purchase to 1st call

The customer service chain is a BROKEN SYSTEM. They cannot call you back. They provide no follow up. They provide no email of confirmation.......You get lost in the voice mail *** and dont be shocked if after holding for an hour you get dropped only to call back and start over. Each and every call you have to recant the same information over and over - you would think there would be documentation with the confirmation numbers. On this last call today, the *** had the nerve to ask me for the names of who i spoke that would matter - the confirmation # should identify which *** processed my request!!!!

So if you cannot get a credit in the store - you can FORGET about getting any of it without many hours and many phone calls. For me if became pricinciple related to continue to chase it down. Of course $400 for me is a significant amount of money too.

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BESTBUY AGAIN - DONT CARE WHAT THE SALE AMOUNT IS.........lifes to short to add stress from a purchase with a SIMPLE return. Nor could I understand why the store where I purchased it simply run me a credit - I had all my receipts.....

Monetary Loss: $65.

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you want customer service at WORST BUY are you kidding me. you know that they are the worst place to buy anything why would you even even consider that you could get anykind of customer care here!

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