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I applied for and recieved a generous amount of credit from best buy beginning of 2009. paid it off within 6-8months havent used the card since because if i have cash i prefer to use that.

i went to make a credit purchase today and my card was denied because they closed my account due to non activity and told me i needed to reapply!!! this was not in the contract and i will not shop with them any more!!!

this is bad service and highly embarrasing they could have at least sent me notice! I HATE BEST BUY

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

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A lot of retail Credit Card companies close inactive cards. HSBC, GE Capital, Chase, etc.

The reason they do that is so they can have up to date information, and have you sign the new terms of the card.

National retails DO NOT do their own credit, they just brand them. So the retails have NOTHING to do with credit card policy.

This Guy is correct, HSBC is a terrible company!

This G

HSBC is TERRIBLE. They have been nothing but headaches since I first encountered them 7 years ago. My advice would be to cancel all cards with them, you'll have nothing but trouble with them down the road.


This Guy, i have in the past few days found that a couple other friends and family have ran into issues with HSBC too. i have one other card issued through them i think i better check it out. :?

This G

Your issue is not with Best Buy, they are not the issuer of the card. Your issue is with HSBC, but everyone has an issue with HSBC because they suck


i read it throughly as a matter of fact before i posted this and didnt see that part. thanks for your opinion though :grin


Actually if you would have read the terms and conditions that came with your card, or the contract YOU FILLED OUT when getting the card, you would have known that. I'd be more embarrassed at the fact you're too lazy to read.

Cry. :cry

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