As a person who as has been in financial services for many years What always amazes me is outrageous demands and request that a credit card holders will ask a store employer, a store manager, a district manager and so forth. Most of those demands are just things that cannot be done.

That's why there are terms and conditions associate with each product you choose. A lot of the time the errors and mistakes that are what I called self-inflicted. No matter how much you yell, scream and go up the chain of command the issues still may not be able to be corrected. If you make a treat to not shop at a particular place chance are they didn't want you back anyway so always be careful of the words you use.

Also, the one that get me to is you lost a good customer really you being good at that moment of interaction between people are trying to help you issue.

So you can be stern get your point across but also to accept the fact that the issue may not get resolved that day and the outcome may be want it. But whomever you may speak with in making an effort to address your concerns but some demands maybe out of the parameters of what is allowed for anyone to do.

User's recommendation: Be stern get your point across and be respectful.

Location: Longview, Texas

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