Wilmington, Delaware

HI i recently purchased a radio controlled helicopter for $20.00 from BestBuy on my Bestbuy credit card

and never received a statement for the purchase so I wrote a check to best buy for $20.30

The amount that was due according to my account balance online

and a month later received a statement for $20.30 and I figured it was for the Helicopter

so I disregarded it and another month goes by and I receive another statement for $48.76.

I never purchased any items on my card during this time so I called BestBuy and they tell me they are

Late Fee's from my Helicopter purchase and I must pay the fee's.

so I question it then they say it is from a .29 cent per month dept protection plan

that I am not aware of.

I just had $48.00 stolen from me by BestBuy and I want to know who I can talk to

to set things right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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I had the same issue. Spent $80 for a router.

Took a store credit card, which I never do, to save $20. Paid off my account and tucked the credit card in a drawer. Thought that was that. Wound up with late charges totaling $56.

When I called to inquire, I was connected with a "collections" person - so no help there.

Bent over, paid the fees, closed the account and will NEVER shop at Best Buy again. Shame on me for falling for the store Credit Card.


I signed up for a best buy credit card with 0% interest for 18 months on all purchases according to the sales person. Turns out I've been paying interest since the day I opened the card.

I called cuti bank and was told that over 100 complaints about this Best Buy have already been filled. Best Buy claims no wrong doing but fired the employee. That sounds like guilt to me. Luckily for me I'm very well off and I'm just paying it in full.

My next step is filing a class action law suit against them.

I will pay for all the lawyer fees out of pocket if anyone wants to join me. I feel for the little guy that gets screwed by big corporate companies.


CoBB is correct.

1. Contact BB.

If they are no help...

2. File a claim on your CC for a fraudulent charge. Your CC might protect you.

But, enough time has probably passed that no one will do anything.

I've had horrible experiences with CC's in the past. I pay almost everything with cash.


The CC he used was a Best Buy CC. Doubt they will be of any help.


A retailer CC is still issued by a bank. That bank is what you should call, not BB.


First file a complaint with the card's bank to contest the charge. Then also file a complaint with your state's Consumer Protection Division which is part of the State'a Attornies Office.

When the complaint is finished and the charges are reversed then close the account. And never walk into a Best Buy or their online website never again.

@*** On Best Buy

I think I remember you. You're a "Anti-Simon". WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

@*** On Best Buy

As stated above the credit card used was a Best Buy credit card. Yes, the bank is a different entity from Best Buy, but it's doubtful they will be much help given the relationship.


worst buy and worst service and worst employees and worst credit card


Whats the matter "Anonymous"? Did you get your feelings hurt by best buy in the past?

Did you know that 98.2% of the time, retailers such as BB are correct in the way they handle customer issues?

The other 1.8% is from ignorant; immature little cry babies like yourself who think they can make their own rules. Grow up and move out of your mother's basement!


Dude chill. They screwed my mom over too.

No need to be hateful. Presently looking for an attorney.


The best thing you can do is close this account and Run away as fast as you can.Sears did me the same way only they had the nerve to charge me for (4) Different ins. payments without my consent.What i did was to close my Sears account and Not ever shop with Sears again.