On Thursday July 1,2021 I was scheduled for a delivery of a Samsung dryer. I never received a call the night before to confirm only an email with a delivery time window.

The delivery men arrived at approximately 11:20 am.

Beforehand I cleared the pathway and removed clutter as delineated on the email. The first delivery guy proceeded to dismantle my current dryer, the second delivery person stated I had to remove the rails. I asked if he could remove them he stated yes. I asked if he would put them back he became very upset stating he wasnt for this today.???

I requested he not disrespect me in my home.

He just turned and walked out. I asked the first man if he was going to finish he stated no no too many problems. What problems?

I am 68 years of age. I had no idea the railings had to be removed l.

There was no problems in removing

Why was my dryer not delivered?

I contacted the loop store where the purchase was made. I called at least 4 times speaking to individuals who not only did not identify themselves out of courtesy but proceeded to transfer me to extensions requesting I put in a code. A code I was never provided

On the phone with corporate, my next delivery date is Saturday which is totally unacceptable.

I am totally dissatisfied with the customer care or lack thereof I experienced from Best Buy.

I am seeking resolution of a delivery date sooner than Saturday July 3.

My home is in a disarray as to how the drivers left my home.

I have pictures copied on this email

Thank you for your attention to this matter


Peace and Blessings Jerrilyn "Dr. J Rene"

User's recommendation: Geek squad should contract with better delivery vendors . Ask about who will be delivery your items.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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