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I ordered 2" wood blinds for my new home in November from Best Buy Blinds in pearland Texas. I was promised the blinds would be installed 3 weeks later.

8 weeks later my blinds were installed, but the top cornice board was missing on one window. We also paid the 50% deposit for 3-1/2 plantation shutters. The delivery on those was supposed to be 5 weeks. They sent three different people out to remeasure the windows.

When I did not hear back from them on the install, I began calling them. I was told they lost the order, they were being cut, painted, and delivered to the wrong customer, etc. Then my calls went unanswered. Finally after weeks of leaving messages, I finally reached someone.

They said the factory now required a full payment up front and that my shutters had not even been started. They said a letter regarding a refund of the deposit would be mailed in 3-5 business days. Two weeks have come and gone and still no letter or refund. I contacted the local BBB and filed a complaint.

30 days went by at which time the BBB told me the company declined to respond. I have left numerous messages since then that have gone unreturned.

I ordered the shutters in November and as of June 16th I am out the money and have no shutters. Do not use this company!!!

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He did the same thing to us. We filed with the BBB, Consumer mediation, and have talked to small claims.

The county clerk told me I had to file a report that would go to the JOP. The JOP could hand down a ruling and if we wanted to we could take it to court to either put a lien against property or they can confiscate personal property to pay back their debts.

He sent me an e-mail saying that it was our fault he was out of business and good luck getting my money back. he owes us about $1000.Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I was the first to report these people to the BBB. I've been chasing them down since I placed my "order" for shutters with them since January 28, 2010.

I have the same experience as all who've been scammed by them: non-answered calls, non-replied emails, avoidance; then when I speak with them (few and far between) Pierre gives me bogus answers to my questions, etc, Heather says she'll check with the manufacturer.

I called the manufacturer Pierre also attempted to scam, Expo Windows Fashions here in Houston, and they told me they don't do business with them any longer because only for them they require a 50% deposit on orders, and Pierre couldn't come up with that. They also told me production time is 4-6 weeks, which Pierre told me the raw materials coming from China was the reason why my order was delayed (total lie). In fact, he never placed the order with them and took my order "deposit" and simply deposited it into their bank account for personal use.

I've gone the legal route, and have my day in court tomorrow, 8/19/10, with Judge Jerome Jozwiak in Alvin (260 George Street, Suite 100, Alvin, TX 77511), which I highly doubt they will show up (they were served), even though they live less than 1 mile from the courthouse! This is the ONLY recourse for anyone who's been scammed by these things, not people. SO, I will get a default judgement and proceed from there... Good thing I have lawyer buddies and a relative who works investigative fraud with the US Treasury to give me guidance.

If there are enough of us, according to one of my sources, to come together, we can prove a pattern of fraud and CRIMINAL charges can be pressed against them, Pierre and Heather Conaway. Email me at: cochbr@yahoo.com

Going to be near impossible for Pierre to raise 5 kids with Heather Conaway in jail.


We had a similiar experience! He cashed our check and we never heard from him again. We have filed police reports, BBB reports and a report with the Attorney General's Office.