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I am a fool | Best Buy review from Denver, Colorado

I have purchased cell phones, desk tops, lap tops, printers, scanners, service plans etc. from Best Buy and each and every time their sales reps and customer service has been dismal. After being transferred twice during a telephone conversation today with Geek Squad and being placed on-hold for over 45 minutes because the "Geeks" knew less about the programs and products that they sell and service than I finally hit me, I am a fool. I have lost thousands of dollars over the years, I've learned my expensive lesson, I will never purchase another product or service plan from Best Buy again.
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Best Buy has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with!! I bought a $600 Evo cell phone there a year ago and (STUPIDLY) agreed to their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection for $10/month, being promised that absolutely any problem you have - even if its your own fault, as long as you can bring us the phone (i.e.

not lost or stolen), we will immediately replace it. I brought it in because the phone kept randomly shutting down and repowering for no reason when the battery was fully charged. They told me if I wanted it immediately replaced (which I have been paying for this service for over a year) that all they have available is a downgrade to the Evo Shift. No, I dont want that.

Well, then it has to be "repaired." They sent my phone out for repair for 2-5 WEEKS and as part of the $10/month that is also supposed to include a loaner phone. What they don't tell you is that the loaner phone is a 1995 flip phone! So you're supposed to give up a $600 cell phone for a month (and still pay your cell carrier the full data charge etc.) and get this when it was originally sold to me to be an IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT? Not only did it take almost 2 hours of paperwork dropping the phone off and 2 hours picking it up when it had been "repaired," but my phone wasn't even fixed!!!

The same problem was still happening. I asked to speak with a store manager and all he offered to do was exactly what had originally been offered - exchange for a downgraded phone or send it in for repair for 2-5 weeks and hope they get it right this time! He said it would take FOUR QUALIFYING REPAIRS (FOUR times sending your phone in for 2-5 weeks per time with each time the phone being sent back to you, the issue not resolved before you would actually get a new phone). Do you believe this *** So, obviously, I was not satisfied with those results and continue to tell him how upset I am of this service and in the middle of speaking to me (this is a manager) he says, "Ok, this is enough at the store.

If you want to talk any further, you'll have to call our 1-800 number," and shoo'd me out of the store. Absolutely appalling. I hope he gets fired because that is the absolute worst customer service.

Also, I told the store manager (above him) about this and all she did was say sorry, but there was nothing she could do. Please don't buy anything at overpriced Best Buy and DEFINITELY do not buy their service contracts!!


Did you know best buy paid out like $45,000,000 plus to fulfill service plans last year


You're not a just got suckered in like the rest of us. But what's good is that you're letting the world know now.

Do what you can let EVERYONE KNOW. Best Buy continuously gets away with this stuff and even worse, people complain but continue to give them your money.

I say it's time for a mass boycott of these idiots... :(

John N

took you some time, but it's never too late to learn. Best Buy is not the same good store it started out to be.

Best to buy electronics and computers online or at a local computer store that gives good service. you may pay a bit more, but tis always better that way.

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Black Friday 2009 | Best Buy review from Denver, Colorado

RE: Black Friday at your I-70 And Tower Rd CO (Store 1134) 3511 N Salida CT Aurora, CO 80011 I just wanted to notify anyone in upper management in regards to how the Black Friday event was held at your Aurora, Colorado location. After bearing below freezing temperatures for 8 hours, with no Best Buy staff coming out to greet their consumers, we finally got word at about 330am that Best Buy staff would be coming out to handout tickets. My fiancé and I already knew wjat we were there for: $179 netbook (Compaq, which was in the ad OR HP, which was on TV). After passing up desktop pc and home theater tickets, staff member announced, "$179 netbook" we happily obliged and each received a ticket. We waited another hour and a half in the blistering cold for the 5 am opening. Upon entering the store, we were told that there is a claim ticket line. After waiting another hour in the claim ticket line, it was to our dissappointment that we were not able to do any further shopping. Furthermore, the cashier informed us that the tickets we had were for the $229 Compaq laptops. I brought this matter to the store manager in charge at that time (I think his name is Eric), and he offered no apology and did not care about the inconvenience this has caused us. We left empty handed and dissappointed. This was a very poor display of customer service and jeopardizes my loyalty as a consumer. I was not offered any other options but to come back at 9am with no regards to our 8 hour wait in the cold.
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I apologize for our crew not being friendly, could have been the stress of the day, sorry again. Did it not say on the ticket which computer it was for????

I find that strange. On the side, may I say, I think I know the netbook you were looking at and's slow and has had some issues. Perhaps it was meant to be in order to save you the headache of getting a bad apple?

I know it's not much consolation but I like to think we try very hard and make every effort. I'm sorry that a few employees give the rest a bad name.

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TV Nightmare | Best Buy review from Denver, Colorado

I purchased a Mitsubishi - Diamond 65" 1080p DLP HD model WD-65833 in late December, along with a stand and full home theater installation. The unit was delivered and installed the week of January 7. On February 13, the TV stopped working completely (it will not power on). I called Best Buy service that day, and on Monday, February 18 the first service call was made to my home. The technician looked at the TV for 10 minutes, verified that it would not power on, and indicated I would hear from someone in the service department in 2/3 days regarding a follow up appointment to install the necessary parts. 4 days later I called to get an update and was told the parts were on back order and would arrive in mid-March. I asked if I could have the TV replaced and was initially told that because the TV was delivered 7 days past the 30 day window, they would not replace it. After talking to the store manager in Novi (Tim), he agreed to replace it, but after a couple of days trying to find a replacement indicated none were in stock and that he would keep trying. Last week, I was called by service and told the part was in early, and I set up another appointment (2nd day off work) and the technician arrived on Monday, March 3 to repair the TV, only after removing the back of the unit and the main board, said he had the wrong part and they would have to re-order the right one. I again talked to Tim that same day, and he indicated he had a line on a new 73" model and that if I'd pay the difference, he could replace my current TV with that. He promised to confirm this and get back to me in 20 minutes. That was around noon Monday, and as of today, Thursday, March 6, he has not returned that phone call even after daily calls and messages left to him. Also, this morning, after I called service to get any update, was told the right part was now on order and was expected April 1. I think any reasonable person would agree that this is very bad customer service. I've been almost a month without a working TV after having it for just over a month, and am looking at almost another month for the next service call and after the first 2 have no faith that it will get fixed then.
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Same as all the above. Best Buy is NOT a Best Buy.

They will *** you around and around. BUY ELSE WHERE


Finally our nightmare has least we hope so......Returned the original tv to BestBuy.....received full credit....had a coupon for 10% off of another tv that we were going to purchase.....and brought the new tv home. I then mailed all the documentation to BestBuy corporate headquarters.....and did get a quick response....and a gift card for $200.

It is unfortunate that these things have to happen...It took me over 1 month to get some sort of resolve to the matter...and a LOT of documentation....but it is over now....and I felt obligated to inform everyone that it has been settled...I am still nervous about making any more purchases...from them....It is just too much aggravation to go thru... Have a good day...and good luck.


ya a friend of mine has been trying to get the to fix a fridge for a year. My microwave caught fire. Your " best" bet is too avoid this store


I am having the same problems going on two weeks now....I have called Best Buy 7 times since March 18th. I purchased their PSP warrantee, never again.

Each call same story, we are researching. Finally get to the point of speaking to one of their Mgmt. group, who takes the serial # and tells me it will still be another 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to me with an authorization # to exchange the tv. Well the 48 hours is up right now, so I guess I will spend yet one more afternoon on the phone.

Oh and yes I have documented everything too. Well have a nice day anyhow....


Good Luck! I have been trying to get my Phillips television fixed since last September....still no luck.

They are supposed to fix it this friday, almost 6 monthes later....we will see. I would recommend to you document everything and get a lawyer that's my next step.

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