I bought a computer 3 weeks ago, and it is full of problems. I took it into the store today, and asked what they could do to fix the problems. They said they could sell me a $200.00 tech support program. Other than that they weren't willing to do anything. The...
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I'm stunned by the number of Best Buy employees that don't give a *** about customer service before, during and after the sale. Once retail employees view their customers as the enemy the game is more than likely over for that company.

I'm stunned by the number of younger employees that look at customers as the enemy, have attitude etc. It seems like they only want the spenders. If you are not buying the 3000 dollar big screen of the 1500 dollar gamer computer they don't want to deal with you. That is very poor management and training.

If a customer wants the cheap stuff, won't buy accessories or the warranty so be it. No matter how small that sale EVERYONE is important as are the customers that come in after the sale.

I don't know wether Best Buy employees get commission but it seems like they have no incentive for good customer service or training/learning.

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Best Buy Doesn't Stand Behind Their Warranty!

My DVD Recorder died 3 days after I bought it. I purchased a "Product Replacement Warranty" so I thought I would be covered. WRONG! We couldn't get it to act up in the store. I was told that I had to do without my recorder while they sent it in to be checked by whoever does that for them. I mentioned that the warranty that I was holding in my hand didn't say anything about sending the DVD Recorder in to be fixed. It said that it would be replaced. The GeekSquad guy looked at my receipt and said, "Do you see here on your receipt where it says PSP?" I said yes and he proceded to tell me that a PSP is a Product Service Plan not a replacement plan. I explained that when I bought the plan the checker said "Product Replacement Plan" and said that it would be replaced if anything happened to it and then handed me my receipt stapled to a warranty that said PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLAN. How am I supposed to know that even though she said one thing, the PSP on my receipt meant something totally different? Even after explaining that, I got nothing except a more information regarding the process of sending in the DVD Recorder. I was told that if it didn't act up within the first few minutes of being checked they wouldn't waist their time checking further. They would then charge me $36.00 for the "check up" and send it back to me. By this time I was very upset to say the least. I asked to talk to a manager. When the manager came out from the back in his favorite team jersey he seemed annoyed to have to even talk to me. He told me that if Best Buy took back all of the things that stopped working for their customers they would go out of business. My question to him was, "Does that mean you only sell junk?" I was assured that they only sell high quality items and that this is their policy. I pointed out that sometimes in the name of good customer service policy needs to be broken. He looked at me like he hadn't ever heard the words customer service. In my opinion, Best Buy is there only to see their sales increase and they have no interest in helping out their customers if they have a problem with the products that were bought there. I have no doubt that I am not the only one that has experienced this. By the way, I went home and called the manufacture of the DVD player. They bent over backward to get the problem fixed. I now have a new player courtesy of the manufacture. No complaints there.
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I bought a PSP on my Ipod because the salesman said the battery would need to be replaced every year and if I took it to a service center myself it would cost more than my Ipod to fix it. So I bought the PSP, battery went out 2 years later, took it in for repair under their extended warranty that I paid an extra $70 for and still got charged when I got the Ipod back without even informing me ahead of time.


If it broke only three days after the purchase, then you can just exchange another one, no? They have a 30 day or something like this refund policy.


:sigh I've purchased extended warranty plans from them. My trouble is getting through the phone tree maze then once you get in the right area, one is placed on hold forever. Their service is really bad.

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