Best Buy's customer service stinks.

I tried for nearly an hour to talk to someone about my Kaspersky Protection Plan threatening to expire. Which is utter nonsense in the first place: 1. It's already paid for and 2. My credit card is not about to expire as they claim it is. I tried calling 1-888-BESTBUY. Their phone service seems to be designed for maximum customer aggravation. I was transferred several times, forced to either listen to loud, obnoxious music or dead silence after being told my wait would be more than twenty minutes. Calling the store I purchased it from was the same: more phone transfers which ended up back to the 1-888 number. I still haven't gotten any help.
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well when you have immature *** like you that hold up the phone lines.. well the get held up.

it's time for a lesson though. you see, certain companies send their products out to stores in order to be sold. examples, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Asus, Samsung, GE, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc. when a store like Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Target, etc.

sells those products, THEY DIDN'T CREATE THE PRODUCT! unless of course, it's their own brand. they don't put names like HP and Sony on the package to make it look pretty. so my advice?

call up Kaspersky and ask them why their product isn't working for you. chances are, you got a virus and think that buying the anti-virus afterwards will help or you just simply don't know how to set it up.

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Best Buy Credit Card

Rewards card a scam | Best Buy in Lakewood, Colorado

They 'applied' for a Best Buy credit card for me but failed to tell me they simply signed me up for a new Master Card. This has given me nothing but grief. Please don't let them talk you into doing the same thing. You'll never believe all the red tape problems you will encounter. I will not shop at Best Buy any longer as I believe they'll do anything to get more of our money. They are a company without integrity. You are warned now so you have no excuse if you get scammed by this company as I was.
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Umm I have to agree with EVERYONE here. When you sign up for a credit card you usually know!

Best buy credit card is through MasterCard!!! What were you expecting? I'm sorry but if you're that *** its your fault, not Best Buys!

You wanted a credit card, so what's the problem? You can use it anywhere, not just Best Buy and I bet one day you will be happy you have it!


You signed your name stating you understood what you were applying for? Amazing. :roll


so you're telling me that you thought Best Buy had a credit card business too? if you haven't noticed, store credit cards typically go through a company like Visa or Mastercard.

I mean it's still a credit card. I just don't understand why you didn't bother getting any extra information or read any information at the store first.


So that whole application that you filled out and signed that specifically states you are signing up for a credit card wasn't enough warning for you?

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Best Buy Credit Card

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