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At BestBuy in Ann-Arbor Michigan, on Sunday 9th Jan, 2011, my wife and I were very disappointed with the way we were treated by not just one sale's associate but two. the first was rude short in answering questions. We felt we are like imposing on him. The second, moreover, was too busy to show how the item were interested in worked, operates, or pointing out the difference to the other competitors brand. It appeared to be lacking the knowledge to show us.

I finally, before I left, I brought my concern to the attention of Al Adams. He was considerate and understanding. I would like to commend him for that.

I hope the BestBuy company would take the initiation and be proactive and remedy this kind behavior by its employees. In my opinion, these two took their job for granted. Nowdays,, the current situation of the economy, with the unemployment rate, the fierce competition, and the consumer awareness of all of that. It ought to be some special product training, and customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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You picked one of the busiest days/times of the year to purchase a computer, and you expected to get an in-depth education on one of their cheap sale computers? FYI you probably weren't the only customer at that time.

My suggestion: Get off your ***, do some of your own research, and grab a copy of Computers for Dummies. Maybe that would be a better start for you instead of insulting your own intelligence by posting about your incompetent experience on here.


Simon is right!!! Try going to Walmart and see what level of service they give you.

Plus you went to the store on Jan.

9th, that is Best Buy busiest time of the year!! FYI: Do some research on brands before you go into stores during a holiday season.


Hey T, *** ***.

I can say whatever I want and if you don't like it, eat ***.


Simon are you just a miserable *** with nothing better to do than sit on here and make nasty comments about consumers thoughts and complaints? Here is an idea...get a job...get a hobby...or here is a suggestion...JUST SHUT THE *** UP!!

Nobody cares what you think!!

If the time comes that you actually have any pertinent information that may help someone then by all means leave a comment. Otherwise...be gone.


If you don't like how you are treated at Best Buy, don't go back there. Simple. See if Wal-Mart employees will drop everything they're doing and cater to your every question with a long, intelligent answer.

I'll be looking for your "Wal-Mart Employees wah wah" post.

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