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i went into best buy tonight 12/09/2011. looking for a speaker system for my laptop.

i seen where they had bose speaker systems on sale for 349.99 and 299.99. well i saw a sound Bose wireless soundlink system --not on sale but the price listed below said Bose soundlink systems was 299.99 well i grabbed a box and went to the register and the cashier said the Bose system was for 494.99. Well i then took her to the shelves which had 2 more Bose soundlink wireless systems on it with the tag sticker saying underneath bose soundlink radio for 299.99. She then called the manager Carol Brown in col ga , and she said that she could not give it to me for that price, because it was a bose radio....even after seeing the stickers beneath the radios saying 299.99 , she then attempted to send another younger male associate to the stands of radio for 299.99 and get him to remove the sticker price, and i told them --no!!

not before i take this photo that had the radios and the price of 299.99 underneath. so i took my pic and left , cause the manager said she could not sale the item to me for 299.99 because it was registering was 494.99 on the checkout register..Also that price of 494.99 is not listed nowhere in the speaker section of best buy..the manager did apologize for the real price not being listed anywhere, but that didnt help me nor my feelings of thinking that im paying 299.99 for this radio and im going to be listening to my oldies on xm radio----what a disappointment......

she must have been saving it for herself... well this is my story......

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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I would like to thank bestbuy for recking our holiday. Our six children had nothing for xmas because bestbuy didnt notify anyone of the problem until iy was to late. Will never shop with you agsin and neither should you the grinch that stole xmas


The store is supposed to honor sicker price. I would take the complaint to your state attorney general's office, along with the pictures.

Fill out an online form if u can, and they will investigate.

They call the store and ask them to work it out with u first, if they don't, then they get involved. Believe me, no business wants to hear from the state's attorney general's office.


Wow. I am stationed overseas...

it's sooo wonderful to hear that we are busy sacrificing our lives in the name of freedom, just so some Marketing Director can exercise that right in one of the most disrespectful, disenchanting ways during the "Season of Giving".

Here is MY guarantee, Best Buy: You will never again get a single penny of revenue from me or any other military family member who has seen/heard about your recent television commercial. Merry Christmas!


I'm surprised they let you take a picture. In most states, it is illegal to photograph the inside of a business without their permission.

I would've immediatley escorted you from the store. Pricing errors happen at ALL stores.

It's not the end of the world. In the end you aren't out a dime.


Some stores hate to admit when they're wrong.

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