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I purchased a Samsung dishwasher in Dec 2012 from a Best Buy store in Douglasville GA.It was on a clearance sale and was $499.

I waited a few days and then picked it up from the store (it had to come from the wharehouse). I installed the dishwasher and it worked fine. About two or three months later we started noticing cockroaches around the kitchen. We have lived in this house for 15 years and never saw a cockroach before.

Most of the bugs were around the dishwasher and inside when we would open the door. I pulled the dishwasher out, and when I lifted up the insulation on top I saw a bunch of roaches. I then took the front panel off of the door and found a bunch of roaches, along with dead carcasses and droppings. I called Best Buy and they told me that I should contact Samsung.

I called Samsung and they told me that the bugs probably came from Best Buys wharehouse and I should talk to them. I went back and forth about 4 times to each company with nobody wanting to help me. I finally decided to try and take care of it myself. I sprayed, powdered, and bombed the best I could without taking the dishwasher completely apart.

Over the next year the bug problem improved, we were only seeing a few small roaches every couple of days. In late April 2014, the dishwasher would not start up. I checked the power to the dishwasher and it was good. I pulled the door off the front and was confronted with a complete infestation.

The control panel was almost black with roach droppings and was probably shorted out. I called Best Buy and was told that since I didn't have a record of ever having contacted them, they couldn't help me.

A month of time on the phone, talking to about 10 different people, has not helped me do something about a $500 dishwasher that is infested with cockroaches.In the last 5 years, I have spent about $3000 at Best Buy, and they don't care about me.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1200860

Bought a Samsung washer in Febuary 2016, and in July 2016 it died.I called to get warrant service and the technician said he can't fix the machine because there is sign of bug infestation.

He didn't show us any bugs. He only has to see evidence of bugs. My Warrant is void now. My $300 washer is a boat anchor.

I have a contract with a bug company that treats my house.

The bugs must have come from the storage facility before I received it.

Buy a Whirlpool.It's made in America, and there is no clause about bugs in their warranty.


LOL, you went to best buy thinking they would care about your service.



OMG....that is crazy, but whether they have record of call or not, you should be able to get the phone record from your carrier...good luck

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