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You just close y account due to inactivity without notice or giving me any warning or chance to keep it open. You just close in as I didn't use it..

I had a great credit with you, over 12 years as a customer and thousands of money spent. I was going through a divorce and reducing all debt as it's all community property in California. You want me to reapply in order to have my card back and start all over. It affects my credit when all you have to do is reopen the account.

I spoke with customer service, credit dept and then a supervisor, Cameron. He refused to give me corporates phone number on top of it. How dare you and you should be ashamed of your customer service and how you have treated an excellent customer without fact finding.

I will take this as far as I can, the news media as well. Cindy

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Account.

Reason of review: Closing account for inactivity because of a divorce.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Account not being reopened.

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Best buy as well as any other big box store uses a third party vendor to issue credit.

The third party vendor is whom you should be complaining to.


Best Buy doesn't issue credit, nor do other big box stores. The card you have is issued by an independent credit company.

Look at the back of the card, and you will find the name to the company that issued the card. Your complaint should be about the credit company, not Best Buy

Exactly what do you expect their Corporate Headquarters to do about this?

Exactly what do you expect the media to do about this?

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