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I was Late one time 14 days paid my account current on March 1,2018 then 5 days later on March 6, 2018 paid my account to a zero balance. On March 20, 2018 I received an email saying my account was closed, I contacted Best Buy Credit services to find out why I was told that I could reapply for a account by the account rep and the supervisor who I spoke to also. It seems as if Best Buy is doing some illegal practices I will not stop fighting to see how this can happen, How could any company justify closing a customer account after 14 days of paying it off to a zero balance this is soo unfair and so corporate they just do anything they want it has to STOP

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Nothing illegal about it. It’s in their terms and conditions you were supposed to read before you signed off on.

You were late. Doesn’t matter if it was once or one hundred times.

Those decisions are all made by computer bots, not humans. Just get a regular Visa or MasterCard.


This is in no way illegal. Credit companies are well within their rights to cancel a high-risk account whether paid off or not.

If you were late, and if you have poor credit, then yes, they will cancel your account. Nobody's fault but yours.


Your complaint is with the creditor that offers the credit card that Best Buy does business with, Not with Best Buy.

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