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I went in BB to get a Verizon prepaid jetpack, it was advertised online for $45 well, in store it rang up $50 (whatever thats fine) so she asked me if I wanted to have it activated in store, I said no I was in a hurry to get home, I live 90 miles away. Went to their store only for that purpose.

So I get home and it wont let me activate it. I called Verizon and they tell me it is stolen bc and who did I buy it from? I told them I just got it from BB in Valdosta with my Creditcard. and they tell me the only thing I can do is return it and exchange it.

I called BB back to fill them in and they say"well thats why I asked you if you wanted me to activated it" LIKE IT WAS ALL MY FAULT, I told them I lived too far away to go all the way back and they needed to fix this, atleast reimburse me for the travel, they offered me a $20 giftcard. I told them I didnt want a giftcard bcI would never shop there again. Anyways, after calling corporate and being transferred to EVERYONE they finally fixed the issue, they blame verizon, verizon blames them...

Then they said they were going to send me a gift card (if it is approved by corporate) for all the trouble, IF I do get one, it will be a Christmas gift for someone else! maybe they will have better luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Cashier.

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How is Best Buy supposed to fix this with you at your house? They can't activate the jetpack from your house.

They asked you if you wanted them to activate it and you said no.

Not their fault you were in a hurry, not their fault Verizon wouldn't activate it. And no they aren't going to reimburse you for your travel YOU said don't activate it I'm in a hurry.

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