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I have a best buy card for several years now, I recently moved and hadn't changed my address yet. They must have sent me some sort of document, but it was sent back.

Instead of making an attempt to call me they closed my account!!! I made my payment last month and went to go and make this months payment when I saw the Red Message on my account screen! I looked at my credit on my freecreditreport account and saw that the closing of my account dropped my credit score 40 points!!! They had nothing to say but sorry and they said I could open a new account...forget them!

There customer relationship managers are horrible!

I was a loyal Best Buy Customer till just now, and I will never buy from them again and I will make it my goal to make sure no one I know ever buys from them again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

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This card is run by Citi and Citi sucks, I hope that bank burns to the ground.


Thank you. They just did the same to me! They suck


I'm 99% sure this isn't the complete story, but MattD78 is 100% correct!


Best Buy's credit card is handled by Citibank, so first of all if you want to complain about your account being closed Citibank is the one who did it, you might want to put it under their complaint section. Also, if you had read your credit card agreement you would have seen this "We may also close your account or

suspend account privileges at any time for any reason. We

may do this without prior notice to you."


Doesnt matter, they are a partner of Best Buy and represent the brand. Citi just did the same thing to me, and the reps are not empowered to fix the error.. they simply dont care about customers.

I too will never shop Best Buy ever again.

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