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I just had a horrible experience with Best Buy. I bought 24 of those $200 gift cards when they were selling for $15.

It was a mistake and all my orders were canceled, which was a complete inconvenience!! I was simply buying what was advertised!!! It did not just stop there. I was also charged an additional $17.92 (which gave me a $35 overdraft charge, as I don't keep money in that account unless I am going to spend it on something).

Not only that, but I made a one time payment of $150 for 10 gift cards on one of my orders. I was refunded in several different increments, like 20.99 here, 9.01 here, 41 here. I called customer service today to get that unauthorized charge of $17.92 that ended up costing me $35 out of my pocket resolved. I was on the phone with a woman that gave me a case number (that I later found out was FAKE) and was told I was going to be refunded the $17.92.

While I was starting to talk about how this was unauthorized and is costing me $35 she put me on hold midsentence and then hung up on me!! I called back and this time spoke to Joe. He told me there's nothing he can do, and I insisted I get the manager as well as his name and ID number. He refused to give me the ID number.

I was then left on hold for an hour and was told I can email corporate. This is such horrible customer service!!! All I did was buy what was advertised, and not just one but 24! Then I was understanding when my order was canceled but the treatment I received thereafter as well as the unacceptable refund amounts and the explanations go with them is absolutely crazy.

The fact that I wasn't sent over to a manager or supervisor as I had requested multiple times also infuriates me! I made a payment of $150 in full, and I expect if my order is canceled to get that entire amount refunded at once!!

AND not get charged an unexplainable amount of $17.92 on top of it. I am not going to give up until I am able to reach somebody that can address my concerns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $413.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Best Buy Cons: Lousy servicec, Overcharged, Where is my order, Or where is my refund.

  • unauthorized charge
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I had similar experience with Best Buy Canada customer service. What a joke they are.

That whole company is dysfunctional. I repeatedly asked for someone higher up when customer service was jerking me around and they kept brushing me off and wouldn't let me speak to anyone higher. I finally had to take these idiots to court to get what was owed to me.

My advice is , stop wasting time with a useless customer service department and take them to small claims court. They will be forced to respond to your needs.


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The refund amounts I can't speak on that, it seems Best Buy did indeed drop the ball on the refund(s). However keep this in mind next time you try and knowingly rip off a website because they all have this fine print regarding errors.


Oh ok since I was "trying to rip off the website" it makes it okay for best buy to rip me off? Thanks I'll print out your comment.

I thought it was a sale or something, perhaps that style gift card was being discontinued.

No where does it say in any policy that I can be over charged and not refunded when orders are canceled. I will keep pursuing this.


And I said Best Buy dropped the ball/screwed up your refund. I was simply referring to the complaint that Best Buy won't sell you the gift cards at the advertised price (because it was an error). But no, that does not excuse screwing up the refund and I hope you get all of it back.


I absolutely understand it was a glitch or mistake and am fine with my order getting canceled. But it's everything that is happening after the cancellation that is highly infuriating.

I can't seem to get through to any customer service representative that will give me a straight answer.

Do you work for Best Buy? Maybe you can help.