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If yopu are looking for a good a** raping, shop at Best Buy.I bought a camera 20 days ago.

I charged the camera once (and it chraged perfectly well). I took the camera to Mexico. The camera stopped holding a charge. Not only could I not take any pictures with my "brand new" camera, but I was not even allowed to return the camera because it was outside the 16 day return policy.

How incredibly @#!*% was I!?!? 16 f****** day return policy!?!?! How convenient that my camera just stops working in that time frame. And while I'm in Mexico!?!?

My son worked at Best Buy...he quit aftert this @#!*% poor customer service I received. It is safe to say I will never shop at Best Buy again. Walmart carries the same products, at half the price.

And the customer service is definitely better.Best Buy needs to be burned to the ground.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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Geek Squad protection plan covers one time free battery and charger replacement homie. Should woulda coulda


15 days is industry standard for returns on electronics. If you have a problem with that don't shop at Best Buy, Target, Radio Shack, Toys R Us, and your precious Wal-Mart. Return things in a timely manner or quit shopping altogether.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #806120

I got news for you, Walmart also has a 15 day return policy on digital cameras.The reason is Best Buy and Walmart do not want people taking a camera on vacation then just coming back and returning it.

I am not saying this is what you were doing, I am sure your issue is legitimate, however this is the reason for such a short return window.

I would suggest before making a large purchase like this to check the store's return policy.Also given that it's a manufacturing defect you should still be able to get this resolved through the manufacturer.

to Anonymous #812055

I second that. The camera should still be under some kind of manufacturer warranty, and if you contact them they should be able to either have you send it in for repair (free of charge), or replace the camera all together.

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