Best Buy - Installation Review from Stockton, California

The store in stockton, ca has the worst phone service ever, i've had Best Buy install stereo systems in both my vehicles, with the installation team headed by Julian, they were great and always had everything done when they said it would be ready, but trying to call the store to get to the instalation bay SUCKS!! They keep you on hold forever over 20 min. at a time, you have to keep calling over and over to get someone to pick up the phone, i tried for over half an hour this last time, when i complained to the girl on the phone she said she was the only answering the phones and she had a lot of customers to help, she was very rude and got mad because i complained, trying to rush me off the phone. I know Best Buy is a multi-million dollar company can't they afford to hire more than one person for their phones??!!!
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If you call back repeatedly that only makes the problem worse because you push yourself back further in line. You can always get the extension to the install bay.

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Best Buy Installation
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Open box return | Best Buy review from Stockton, California

I purchased an open box toshiba laptop. Sales girl assured me that the computer was in perfect condition. Used the computer twice and the mouse pad stopped working. Took it to geek squad and they said I could return it or exchange it, but pay the difference. Decided to return it. They said I would only get store credit, but I didn't want that. A manager said I could pay to get it fixed, even though they sold me a broken item. I asked if they would fix it for free since the geek squad agent confirmed that something was wrong with the computer, not something I had done. The manager said I would have to pay $40. The manager said I could take the store credit or keep a broken item and that was my only option. I didn't understand how they could sell a broken item and not fix it. I didn't want the store credit because I literally never buy electronics. I didn't want to spend extra money fixing something they sold me broken. There was no way I could win in the situation so I took the store credit and now I have $250 to spend at best buy and I don't want anything from best but. Manager was very rude and unhelpful.
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No help untill I complained and selective policy on return amounts | Best Buy review from Stockton, California

I had to wait and watch sales reps look at me as they walked by without helping me (this is not the first time). I wanted to spend $1000 on a camera setup. I had to complain and get a manager to get helped. Sorry customer service!!! I needed to return something valued at $900. I paid in cash but they will not give you back cash unless its under $600. The manager told me that they are not a bank! But if 3 customers returned items valued under $600 each they would get cash back. So they do have the cash. Now I had to drive home which is out of town and have to drive back into town to cash a check when it arrives in a week or 10 days. So they are costing me my time and wasting my gas. Will they cover this expense? What about interest on my money that they would not give me back until i get a check and cash it? So they have selective business policies depending on how much you spend. Kind of like discrimination isn't it? I have spent A LOT of money at best buy on numerous stereos, tv's, kitchen appliances and computers. TIME TO DO BUSINESS WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!
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This is a common retail practice to not issue cash refunds over a certain amount and to have a check issued. This is CLEARLY stated in Best Buy's return policy:

"If you paid more than $800 in cash or more than $250 by check or by a debit card without a major credit card logo, we will refund you by check within 10 business days"

So no, Best Buy is not going to reimburse you for gas or the interest (really 10 days worth of interest?) and this is not a selective policy because it's applied to everyone. And good luck finding another retailer who doesn't have a similar policy.


the company is pocketing the double money I get charged double the amount I took out they double it every time they are crooks

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Best Buy Sales Manager
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Company does not honor warranty | Best Buy review from Stockton, California

Insignia 24" TV/Monitor got a Checker board 1/4" line down the middle of the screen less than 90 days after purchase, and if they can't fix it over the phone, than take it back to Best Buy, as they do not service their products. Best buy cannot make repairs, so they send out to get it fixed. You only have to wait about 5 weeks to get it back, if you are lucky. Very poor product line, inferior quality of product. Worthless waste of your money. NO Service, and customers do not mean anything to the Company. No one should buy this brand.
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Alan C

You decided to buy the house brand. It has the same warranty as other brands.

What retailer fixes TVs in the store?? By buying Insignia, you are inherently relying on BBY for any service issues.

There are never ANY guarantees of fast turnaround. Next time, buy a real brand.


How does offering to send the TV out to be serviced qualify as "Company does not honor warranty?". Sigh


you're a ***. The brand is INSIGINIA not BEST BUY.

Best buy is a Store, they SELL things they don't make them. people like you make me hate retail.


you're dumb. Insignia made the TV, not Best Buy.

at least they offered to do something, do you think they can just magically fix it in the store?

it's a store, not a factory. and how the *** would they fix it over the phone?


G Figure it out.


So your TV broke, they offered to send it out under manufacture warranty to fix it... What's the issue? I'm confused

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BestBuy Worst customer Service (Tracy, CA) | Best Buy review from Stockton, California

Worst customer service I have witness in long time. Had delivery schedule for yesterday between 5 -7 , but couldn't deliver because their truck broke down. When called today hoping they will deliver today, customer service rep at the delivery location told the SYSTEM automatically reschedule for next available (which is 5 days from today). When asked if they can find an early appointment, rep informed me they don't have any truck available to deliver. Rep hung up, saying I could cancel the order at the store, if I want to. Thank you Best Buy. Didn't know, you were doing me a favor for giving you my business.
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