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Augusta GA best buy the worst I have ever been to. Unless you want something really simple they just out right suck
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Best Buy - Laptop Purchase Review from Los Angeles, California

I bought a laptop in ontario CA. They also sold me the cd with " Microsoft program" and a "factory cd" which I paid extra 100 dollars for each cd. When I got home I try to install the cd and to my surprise they were empty CDs. When I complained to best buy they said that the CDs had the program and I may have erased it. They didn't do anything at all to solve my problem and I lost out on 200 dollars. I will never buy from best buy they are a rip off
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Try calling 888 best buy. They are very good at resolving consumer issues.

Be honest about with them about the complete transaction.

Btw, there is no possibility that you could've erased the data by mistake. Good luck


Call 1-800-bestbuy or you can call the store and speak with the store manager and complain regarding your situation. Any problem I have had at a Best Buy is resolved when I escalate my problem above A regular customer service rep there.

If for some reason you still do not get your problem situated escalate to the regional manager of that store.

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Camera Nikon Coolpix L810 | Best Buy review from Los Angeles, California

Best Buy was rude and incorporate. My camera didn't work anymore and they couldn't replace it nor fix it. So they offered me to send it to the manufactory to let them fix it. It should take about 2-3 weeks, but I would have been only around about 1 week. Best buy can't send it back to Germany, where I come from neither can't send it faster. For this one case they weren't flexible or nice to me. I wouldn't recommend Best Buy to anybody! They didnt unterstand me or tried to fix my problem. I would never buy anything from this store.
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  • Coolpix

Terrible service. Idiots working there. | Best Buy review from Los Angeles, California

Never shop there. i repeat NEVER. Not worthy of your money or time. Tried buying macbook online to pick up in the store. They already took the money out of my account and unfortunately its the second day I am computer-less. Terrible company, terrible service. Not one person knows how the system works. Never shop there. i repeat NEVER. Not worthy of your money or time. Tried buying macbook online to pick up in the store. They already took the money out of my account and unfortunately its the second day I am computer-less. Terrible company, terrible service. Not one person knows how the system works
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Agree with this post. Paid $1200 for laptop plus software etc.

chose to order on-line and pick-up in store. I did this to save time because I knew what I wanted, and needed the laptop quickly. My local store has 15 in stock, and my credit card was charged hours ago. Now the store is closed and customer service nor store employees have any idea when I can pick up the items for which I paid.

Very poor customer service. Live and learn then share with the world so someone else doesn't make the same mistake.

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Best Buy: Separate installation for refrig?

We found a good price on an refrigerator, ordered online from best buy and paid for delivery. They charged the credit card one minute later. With order confirmation email we get message that installation is a separate charge done on different day and will be billed extra????? A refrigerator ? Take it out of box, plug it in and take away box. I'm not so old couldn't do on my own but that is insane. Online site says unable to cancel. Called support line and on hold as I type. My estimated 15 minute wait is 20 minutes so far. Stay far far away.
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Delivery and install are two different things...the delivery driver is paid to deliver the product not set it up for you.

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Best Buy Installation
  • good price

Geek Squad should be called Fail Squad!! | Best Buy review from Los Angeles, California

Its ridiculous. My Gateway laptop was submitted for repair about 3 weeks ago. The DC Jack went out. The first time I dropped it off, I was informed that they do not carry that specific DC jack, and that I would have to purchase it myself from a 3rd party and then bring back my laptop so it could be fixed. So, that I did, I bought one off the internet and it came in 2 days. I returned to Best Buy and dropped my laptop off and was told the repair would take no longer than 4 days. A week passed with no call from Best Buy, So I called. I was told that they do not have the unsoldering tool available in the store, therefore it could not be repaired. I told them that was nonsense that there has to be someway to obtain the tool to repair my laptop. The man said he would call some other Best Buy stores, and if that was a no go, then the store would purchase their own tool for the job. I was then told we would be in touch with any updates. Well today was another week after that, I called again and was told it was completed. I asked if it was "repaired" and I was put on hold. A man got on the line and stated the same exact thing the first person the week before. I expressed my concern asking why I didnt receive update from anyone to let me know the status of the repair. I asked to speak to the manager. The woman basically let me talk and said short, semi thoughtful answers to my concerns. She gave me two options: Come pick up my laptop and accept it not being repaired, or have Best Buy send out my laptop for repair but I would have to pay shipping. This is ridiculous. I just tole her I'll be in to pick my laptop up. They might end up losing it and saying that they never had it in the first place. Shame on you Best Buy!
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no burnone, YOU work at Best Buy and at McDonald's. oh, does that sound crazy?

well it sounds crazy of you to assume that I work for a crazy place like Best Buy just because I said shame on you too. *** ***


Update: My laptop was not fixed, I talked to a manager and was told that the repair could not be done because they do not have the tool required for the fix! What a joke, Best Buy just lost a loyal customer!!

@Ihatestupidcustomers: You must work for them buddy, they dont pay you enough? Not my fault!


Trusting any computer hardware or software to the geek squad is like Trusting Employees at McDonalds to repair your car.

Don't do it ever. First off was this under warranty?

Second, while replacing an actual motherboard competent can be done, typically it is not best practice. If a part fails that is soldered on to the board then the board needs to be replaced.

They are IDIOTS. I am a Systems Administrator and deal with all kinds of computer issues including hardware repair of any and all systems except MAC...Have not got into these yet.


shame on you too buddy.

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Poor customer service | Best Buy review from Los Angeles, California

Walked in to Bestbuy to pickup my internet order. Guy in yellow polo directs me to counter. Another guy in yellow polo is looking at a computer monitor as I walk up. He stares at the monitor and doesn't say anything to me for a full minute. Finally he says I'll be with you in minute and walks away. I stand there for a few minutes and look over to see him talking and laughing with the other guy with the yellow polo and takes his place at the door. Finally a guy with a blue polo comes over and takes care of my purchase and does so courteously and with a lot of enthusiasm. I guess either yellow polo means too important to wait on customers or too dumb to wait on customers and can only greet you as you come in or check your bag as you leave.
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Cashier or not, the employee in the yellow polo should have either referred the customer to someone who can help, or paged someone who can help. There was a time where proper customer service meant that if you didn't know the answer, then the correct response would be: "I'm sorry sir/ma'am, I don't know, but let me find someone who does."


I'm guessing this story is made up, like a lot of the stories on the site. Or the poster is just too *** to realize that not everyone is a cashier in a retail store.


Well he should have gone to get you help to begin with. However

Yellow Polo - Loss Prevention

Blue Polo - Sales/Customer Service

Geek Squad - Geek Squad

The guy in the yellow polo couldnt have helped you even if he wanted to. We each have out own defined roles and we are not allowed to go past them.

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Best Buy in TEMECULA are a bunch of jokers!

I bought a ipad 2(64 gig) along with a keyboard on Jan 21st. I spent over $800 for all this stuff. A few days after the charger went bad so I went back to Best buy today to get the problem recitified. I was appalled when told since I was a few days over their return policy they could do nothing for me. I wasnt trying to return or exhange the Ipad I just wanted a WORKING charger! They blew me off at the counter and told me I had to drive across town to the Apple store to get a new charger. Only 16 days after the original purchase and they could care less that the product THEY sold me no longer works. So I went to the Apple store across time and they took care of me and laughed at the *** service Best Buy provides and said they receive complaints all the time about them. Guess its time to cancel my Best Buy credit card and go to Frys from now on!
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WOW electricscott (um.. electric?) you're a total ***. I'm sorry but you really are. the first reason is because you bought an iPad which is nothing but an over sized iPhone, basically a product with no creativity. I'm sure you bought it because you already have an iPhone and you're just a simple minded person. the second reason being that a MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY IS THROUGH THE MANUFACTURER, NOT THE STORE THAT SOLD IT. it's an Apple iPad. APPLE made the iPad so it's their responsibility which is why they replaced the charger.

I'm sorry to tell you this but you're *** dumb. Apple their did job in that situation but so did Best Buy. the Apple employees were laughing because they're a bunch of conceited losers who overcharge for everything. I'm sure you took a few of their male employees home that night and did them up the butt. they probably gloated about it too afterwards because they're selfish and conceited.

learn more about retail stores, you retard.

oh and the Best Buy employees need to do their job as well instead of dealing with a *** like you. if you're too dumb to understand store policies then you shouldn't even be shopping at retail stores. I guess you don't understand that stores have to make money to stay open. not bottle feed little babies like you that want to return or exchange half of the things that they buy.


Amen, Ben.

People are so quick to cry when a store doesn't rewrite their policies just for them even when there is a perfectly good alternative solution. Most stores have a 15 day return policy on electronics, so the OP could just as easily be crying about Wal-Mart or Sears instead of Best Buy.


Scott, This is a policy of all apple retailers. When a product goes bad after the return policy is expired and it is under "Apples' Warranty", your sole option is to deal with Apple or buy a new one.

I realize you "work" but that does not mean a company should re-write their policy around whats convenient to "Scott". I got an I phone from the ATT store that went bad a month after I bought it, my option was they send it to service or I take it to the Apple store and they swap it out. Did I throw a fit and cry telling everyone how bad ATT was because they wouldn't change their rules cuz "I work".

No....I took it to Apple and got the issue resolved. And don't say "its just a charger", why would they open a new one to create an open box piece they need to sell at a discount to get you a charger or write off an aftermarket one when your option is to go to Apple and have the issue resolved.


Some of us have to work and don't have the time to drive across town to Best Buy the moment something happens. Im aware of the return and exchange policy however I wasn't trying return or exchange the Ipad.

I figured something as simple as replacing a bad charger wouldnt be a issue.

But apparently the folks at Best Buy would rather lose customers due to their ridiculous policy then to simply help a EX-customer out. Judging by the other comments here about Best Buy its safe to say Im not along in my thinking.


"A few days after the charger went bad so I went back to Best buy today"

Why did you wait to take it back when there is a 15 day return policy? Sounds like this one is on you.

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Installed outdated virus software on new computer | Best Buy review from Los Angeles, California

2010 Windows 7 HP computer contracted virus the outdated software allowed. It was software pushed hard by Geek Squad. (Its own report confirmed this). Geeks admitted outdated software installed & updated it but wanted $199 to remove virus even tho they sold "Black Tie" Protection then admitted no one knew how to remove this particular virus. When You buy from BB you get heavy pressure to purchase the Geek contract & are told it covers everything. When you need help according to them, it covers nothing but " dust removal" and something about humidity. The Geek Squad is useless. I would not ever reommend this service. I will never shop at Best Buy again..
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It's not their job to keep your antivirus up to date. You have to do that yourself daily or set it up to auto-update.

This is your fault.

Not all virus's can be removed. Some damage the system or replace vital files with virus infected files.

So if you do remove the virus, it removes the vital system component.

The best way to handle any virus is to format the hard drive and re-install windows. It is absolutely the only way to be sure it is 100% gone.

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I was extremely disappointed today when trying to make a return to best buy. A week ago, I replaced my old DELL Laptop with a new one, bought at Best Buy. The clerk assisting me was more than helpful, courteous and friendly. Over the last week, I noticed while using...
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I've had some laptops that have run pretty hot before & are usually that way if the laptop is generating a heavy amount of power mostly due to the processing speed or video card. Older laptops don't generate that much heat due to less power the processor/video card uses.

The only way to keep it cool & on your lap is to have a cooling pad under it.

If you had problems using the laptop like it shutting off or restarting on its own then that means it's overheating. But it doesn't seem like Best Buy really explained all that either, which they should have in the first place.

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