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When shopping for phones I was comparing pricing and insurance plans between Best Buy and Verizon. I specifically asked BB if the phone were to be lost or stolen, would it be covered on their plan. "Yes, that is why our plan is so great" So again, I asked what is the deductible for replacement if lost? "No deductible either, you are 100% covered and it will be replaced" WRONG!!!! After paying for this plan for months I find out it doesn't even cover the one thing I was most concerned with. Best Buy Corporate told me to take it up with the store's general manager, who never seems to be on duty. They did let me speak to the Cell Phone dept. manager who just told me I was not told that because 'he knows that salesperson personally and he would never say that'. Great, now I am the liar. No attempt whatsoever to make good...didn't happen, I heard wrong. I can afford to replace the phone but I cannot stand being lied to. Never again will I do business with BB....after spending thousands each year there.
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insurance plans for cell phones the best bet and this is true is to go through like sprint or Verizon.. their plans will cover if lost or takin from you..


Keep track of your phone or leave it in the care of a trustworthy adult. Problem solved.

You probably "lost" the phone on purpose so you can get a new phone.

Seems kind of funny you were so worried about the insurance covering that. Nice try.


You're an ***.


The only thing that EVER covers a lost item is INSURANCE. Warranty or "plans" ever do.

And Best Buy/Radio shack/ or your good ole mall kiosk will tell you whatever you want to hear to make a sale. You have to go to AT&T, verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile for good service.

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