*** "Manager", They Lost a $1,600 Sale! | Best Buy in San Bruno, California

My husband and I wanted to purchase a 60 inch Panasonic Plasma HDTV which we saw on the Best Buy website for a reasonable price. Our time is limited so we wanted to buy it and take it with us on the spot. We spoke with a saleswoman who told us the TV was not in stock at any of their stores, and that it was a discontinued item. I knew it was being discontinued but the Best Buy website had indicated that they had the TV in stock in that particular store. We asked her if they would consider selling us the floor model and she said flatly, "No" because she "wasn't sure if they were going to get anymore in stock". I knew they wouldn't be because the item was not available at any Best Buy and was fast selling out on other websites online. We asked to speak with the manager and she said "I am the manager". She couldn't have been more than 21 years old. Later on I found out there was another Panasonic model in that size in Plasma that was definitely in stock at that store that she could have suggested that only cost about $100 more, which we might have considered, but all she could do was point out a smaller 50" in a non-plasma version that was not at all what we wanted. And she was supposedly a "manager"! She didn't even know her stock! We walked out of the store and ordered the exact TV we originally wanted from Amazon on our i-Pad right in the parking lot. They delivered it on the day we wanted and set it up for free. It's no wonder Best Buy is back in "deep trouble" according to today's news. People used to like the fact that their salespeople don't work on commission, but this type of situation is the end result. The employees don't care, and they don't work to make a sale even when the customer is ready to put cash on the table. This so-called "manager" couldn't even bother to engage us any further plus flat out refused to deal with us about the floor model. Losing a $1,600 sale like that when it could have been avoided was just plain bad business. In the end, when things like this are allowed to happen, I'd say Best Buy deserves whatever it gets.
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The age of the manager doesn't have anything to do with your complaint. I had one job in an office, where the office manager had just turned 19 and she was good. You are putting age manager's age in as a put down, because you didn't get the service that you wanted from her.


dont be confused that they say they do not work on commissions and if she was actually the MANAGER of the store (I am pretty confident she wasn;t) they get a bonus on everything that is sold up selling is the moto! Amazon is great and you can't beat delivery to your door!! Good for you.


Lol best buy employees don't work on commission. not our fault you don't want to listen to our recommendations and only see it as "up-selling"


I chose the right city location but it posted the wrong one - I am the author of this post and this happened in West Hartford, CT

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False information on Warranty from sales rep. | Best Buy in Sunnyvale, California

On 12/26/12 at Sunnyvale-CA BestBuy store#685, sales rep approached me to advise the great deal in purchasing an open box stereo receiver. I was skeptical at first, but the time sales rep explained to me that I was in no risk in purchasing an open box AV stereo receiver. It was clearly explained to me that if the receive did not work, I can bring it back for an exchange, and if the same model is not available, then the next up model will be provided to me. After noticing defects on this receive and took receive to the same store to get replacement, I was told that the receiver will need to be sent out for repairs instead of a straight receive box swap. Spoke to Manager, Heather Thompson, with did not offer any options to remedy this false warranty promises during purchase. Instead, Heather offers her excuse for the sales rep being busy during Christmas hours and might have provided wrongful warranty information. I requested for a loaner receiver since she could not provide the repair turnaround time. Heather right away said "NO, no loaner is available". Heather had recommended for me to buy another unit and return it when my unit is back from repairs. I acknowledge that it was a great option, but I did not have the money to do so and I did not wish to pay another penny. Heather noted that I should have read to warranty policy. I did not recall receiving a warranty policy, but Heather pointed out that per the sales receipt, it warranty will be emailed out to customer. So clearly, a hard copy of the warranty was not provided to me during purchase, but warranty was verbally provided to me by the sales rep, unfortunately, I was missed informed by the sales rep. So I asked again for a free loaner. Heather reply was "If I give you a unit without you paying for it, it will be STEALING". Since Heather was the store manager, I asked her for the regional manager contact info, which she wrote down the phone number to call on a piece of paper and handed it to me and said "This is all I can do for you". Heather then proceeded to take my receiver from the current counter location and moved it to a further remote counter location and walked away. [This was a very low and unacceptable customer service gesture from Heather, both verbally and in-action. It would make any customer feel rejected and unwanted]. I did not mention that I was also sold a 2 years extended warranty with the promise of the same coverage. More detail even available upon request. Sincere, A past loyal customer.
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I've been through something similar.

BB's employees can make ANY claim they want! BB will fall back on the warranty. The bottom line is the customer needs to understand the warranty.

Sometimes this is a very difficult thing to do as what the employee says and what the warranty is just does not match or make sense! And I have walked away from what may have been a few good deals because of it.

When you Deal with blue shirts, think of them as blue shirted used car salespersons! If it doesn't feel good, don't do it!




Some people only hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest. Even with only the manufacturer warranty this obvious defect would have been taken care of for no charge, but because that didn't fit into this customer's current plans, this instantly became a "poor customer service" issue.


"I requested for a loaner receiver since she could not provide the repair turnaround time:. Heather right away said "NO, no loaner is available"

"So I asked again for a free loaner"

Let me guess: English isn't your first language.


You are so right. Let me guess: English is your first language.


You're so right chiquilion. But manufacturer warranty/BestBuy warranty was not provided to me at purchase, but it was supposedly emailed to me. So all I had to go by was the sales rep words.

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They do not honor in store or online prices! | Best Buy in Culver City, California

Online I found 46" Sony NSX-46GT1 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV for $598.99. When I decided to buy,it had expired. A week or so later,it appeared again. I went to the store to check it out before purchasing. The sign on the product had the exact same price. I completed the new Best Buy credit card application since they offered a promotion of $20. Now it is time to buy and the employee says, this was a "Corporate wide error" and they did not fulfill any orders at this price. I find this hard to believe since it was offered twice online and in the store.Did anyone else purchase this? What a waste of time!They offered it for $900,what a deal, thanks again FOR NOTHING!
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Wow youre common sense is staggering to think a buisiness thrives by selling a product cheaper than what they buy it for. :roll

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