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Thieves = Best Buy

I paid off my Best Buy card, then a few days later bought a TV on my card. They report I did not keep a zero balance during the pay period & tacked on ALL of the interest over $1,000. I went into the store to pay off my card for good (Never going to purchase from them Again!) and attempted to pay with a CASHIERS check. They say "we don't accept cashier's check, you can pay with a personal check" WHAT?! I have had many issues with this company & will continue to let people know how they operate! Boycott!!!
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We take only cash or check for payment. Period point blank and we DO NOT own the credit card Capitol one does so that is who you need to complain to.

Best buy has nothing to do with YOUR interest rates. You are supposed to READ and understand the terms you are agreeing to when you sign up for the credit card.

John N

I guess you needed to pay more attention to the fine print on the card info. Now you know.

Your common sense assumed one thing, but BestBuy's credit card policies assumed something different.

As an aside: I walked into BestBuy yesterday to take a look-see, especially their computers. Wow! They must really be in trouble---very few desktop computers and alot of laptops, notebooks, etc.

And the prices!! Higher than anyone else for DVDs, cables, etc.

And, the two store guys I talked to were no bright lights regarding the products they were trying to sell. All in all, a store to stay away from nowadays.

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Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy in Palm Springs, California - Refused to honor credit card for $.27 over limit.

went to Best buy to purchase GPS unit(Magellan 5045LM). credit card refused for $.27 overage! of course I did not purchase the $152.27 item. with customer service? like this you will soon go the route of Circuit CITY et al! and furthermore I found identical unit online for $10 cheaper. I think you know what you can do with your credit card. I have never missed or been late with payment,yet I am restricted to $150 limit. but this is ok. other retailers have identical items at competative cash prices. online retailers have much better prices and offer home delivery.
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I don't have a job and don't like to work. Best Buy wouldnt take my Bridge card to let me buy an Xbox and stereo so I can lay around all day and play video games and eat cheetos while productive people are working.

This is all the company's fault! Sue them!


You just said you were OVER THE LIMIT!!!! LIMIT = the MAXIMUM you are able to finance.


That isn't Best Buy's fault if you can't afford the item. I agree with Simon.


You are such a *** retard.

Maybe you can stop being such a degenerate and wait until you can pay for things before you buy them.

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Best Buy Credit Card

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