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Best Buy - Worst Buy!!

After 3 months of research we found the stainless steel fridge we liked. Purchased it at full price for Best Buy. A day before the scheduled delivery they called and said they didn't have the fridge anymore except for the floor model. I didn't want the floor model. I called other stores and found it new in another city. They said they would ship that one to me, NIB. After 2 weeks they delivered the fridge. The delivery guy scratched the door while putting in the handle. He reported it and did I. The manager called me to tell me that the fridge had been discontinued. Offered to give me another fridge for the same price ($2600). We picked another fridge similar to the original. The same delivery guy came to do the switch and scratched the 2nd fridge. Scratched the 1st fridge even more while taking it out. I called to complaint while he was still there. I told them I didn't want the fridge since, this one too, was scratched. I want a scratch free fridge. The manager called me back to tell me that since I had already received two fridges that I was no happy with they couldn't let me get a 3rd one! They wouldn't let me get a 3rd fridge because they now had two scratched fridges! Mind you, the same delivery guy scratched both! I got my money back (after a big hassle, too). Went to Lowe's and got the original fridge I wanted, which Best Buy said was discontinued. Lowe's delivered the fridge scratch free and with no hassle. I will NEVER, EVER buy anything from Best Buy!
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I am an employe at best buy... When we mean discontinue it means we no longer cary that product my stores says "It was deleted from our data base" but you should have called corparte becuase they would have gotte you a fridege and probaly a 200 dollar gift card.... or more


Mariposa24; I don't know when or where you purchased this refrigerator, but you were not treated correctly. Unfortunately, in this case, Best Buy is it's own worst enemy; due to the use of third-party delivery servicers.

However, this is changing quickly, as drivers are being held accountable for thier delivery issues. At my store, you would have been refunded $260 dollars and a new door ordered to replace the damaged one...or, a seperate delivery team would have replaced it with a more expensive model, suitable to your needs.

As for Christy; the 15% restocking fee does not apply to refrigerators, unless they are special orders.

Also, the return/exchange policy is posted at the registers, as well as on a sign 12' tall at the front of the store. :x


Best Buy sucks. They also still have the antiquated 15% restocking fee for anything that you return at a lot of their stores (although, not all even though it is a "company policy")...whether it be a gift, broken an exchange, unopened with the receipt.

Doesn't matter.

If you buy a 1500.00 laptop, get to the parking lot, decide you don't want it and take it back in the store they charge you 225.00 to take the box and put it back on the freakin shelf. This policy is conveniently printed on the BACK of your receipt in practically invisible ink.

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Gateway Garbage | Best Buy review from Los Angeles, California

Kathleen Weimar Office of the Attorney General 100 W Randolph St Chicago, IL 60601 Ms. Weimar, These ongoing negotiations with Gateway are redundant and are bordering on ridiculous. How many times do I have to address the same issues that have been presented in my previous correspondence? 1.) The phone support personnel at Gateway had determined that the failure of the motherboard was the reason the PCMCIA card slot will not to power up and that the computer would have to be returned to Gateway to have the motherboard replaced. However each time the computer is returned to Gateway, the motherboard is not replaced, which would solve the problem. The computer is ultimately returned to me as No Trouble Found/No Failure Claim Description Provided. 2.) The Sprint equipment and software did in fact work in the Gateway computer for approximately eight months, so we do know that the equipment and software are compatible with the Gateway computer. 3.) The Sprint equipment and software are currently working optimally in a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer. This would in fact prove that there is nothing wrong with the Sprint Mobile Broadband Service or the equipment provided by Sprint. The attempt by Dixie Radakovich to shift the cause of the failure to Sprint is an obvious red herring, when in fact the failure of the Gateway computer is the issue being discussed here. 4.) The computer as purchased from Gateway is in fact sold as ready to upgrade to Windows Vista and includes a certificate for a free operating system upgrade from Microsoft. Dixie Radakovich is obviously unaware of how these systems are shipped and sold as she contends that installing this software, Windows Vista, “could significantly cause problems”. 5.) I have used the Windows XP Media Center Version 2005 With Update Rollup 2 CD supplied by Gateway with the purchase of the computer and restored the system to the original factory settings. However the PCMCIA card slot will not supply power to a PCMCIA card when inserted in the computer. I have done some research on the internet with my Toshiba laptop computer and the Sprint Mobile Service, the same service that will not work on a Gateway computer. I have found a pattern in the way Gateway handles any reported problems with the low quality products that they produce. The customer is required to send the failing product to the Gateway service department numerous times, with no service being performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they are in a position to refuse to repair the equipment. I am asking you to intervene and force an obviously poorly managed organization, bordering on criminal, to replace the product I have been sold with a new, not refurbished computer, which Gateway seems to prefer as method of resolving frustrated consumers complaints.
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My one year old laptop had a bad power adaptor, bad network adaptor. Now this was covered under the warranty they sent it out to the service center and it took 3 WEEKS to get fixed, then I finally got it back and the network adaptor was still not working. Now they told...
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You work in IT and brought your gear to the fail squad? You Sir or Madam are fired.

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