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After i received the item, i went to their store in schaumburg bestbuy because ive notice that the phone slow motion is darker than the S9 of my friend. I told them that i wanna return it.

They used their sales talk to me. So now, the charger is not working anymore. So i went back there hoping that they will replace the charger that is made in china too. They dont replace it instead the customer service lady have face to tell me to buy another one.

I told her why should i buy or spend more i spend already $700+dollars of this cellphone, this cellphone is only 3weeks in my hand. a I dont like the way their return policy is sucks. They knows what are they sells most of their items are made in China. This store they just put a very pricey of each of their item but they are not looking of their customer service and return policy.

If u guys have concern of your customer you should return all item to the manufacturer if the review of the item its very bad. Do not continue selling it. As a customer we value our money and the most of all the quality of the item that we buy....Its not a very nice 14 days only return policy u give to the customer. U need to give 1 month to observe the cellphone and the charger especially people here are so busy all the time.

Is this the way best buy hook up their customer. Before and up to now, cellphone that are made from thailand, korea, and japan are very good than made from China. My Oppo phone and Vivo are much better than the S9+ that i bought from u guys. Its better to buy phone in international because they have a better return policy and customer service that the customer will be more satisfied plus a lot of free item included.

I am very dissapointed to this store. Angry Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Actually Samsung is made in SOUTH KOREA. Not China.

Apple is made in China. You did purchase a refurbished phone. If you’re past the return window then you’re out of luck. Learn to live with it until you can afford a new phone.

You made the cheaper choice to purchase a refurbished unit. That’s not on Best Buy that’s all on you sorry.

Maybe make a better choice next time. Every time you go cheap you end up paying more.


So, what ? Get a real life and toss that stupid slave-creating device.

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