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I bought a HD reciever from Best because can't afford cable on disability very low income the product said rocketfish has a warranty of 1 year. Called rocketfish bc Best buy won't take a return after 15 days unless you pay extra???

Rocketfish and Best buy are the same according to rocketfish when you try to get a refund under there policy!! Basically I'm out $50 and can't use defective product!!

15 day return??? Stay away from BEST BUY and ROCKETFISH!!!!

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I know what you mean. I am on disability as well and $50 to me is like$300 or $400 to someone with a normal income.

I think that people should stop letting the shysters at Best Buy talk them into purchasing those scam "Extended Warranties".

When they do that it makes me have second thoughts about purchasing their products. I mean, if they are so confident that I am going to need an extended warranty then maybe should be shopping elsewhere for better quality merchandise.

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