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Beware that an off brand product does not get you the same customer service as a more expensive brand.

I recently purchased a notebook laptop, ASUS at $249 from BestBuy.

After 40 days we had screen issues. I took it back to BestBuy hoping for and exchange or credit for an upgrade. All I got was a waste of my time.

I couldn't even get the store manager to come out and talk to me.

I was referred to the manufacturers, ASUS. I not was told it wasn't covered under the warranty, but had to pay for shipping.

BestBuy Tualitan,OR

Monetary Loss: $249.

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Personally, I love my ASUS...and I have dropped it, kicked is, pulled it from a table, spilled water on it...basically, done everything but sit on it; still working great!

Yes, I got it from Best Buy...returned; aka previously owned. :eek

MFG's warranty's come down to four simple words; DEFECTS IN MANUFACTURER'S WORKMANSHIP. Believe me when I tell you, your backside coming into contact with a computer (in ANY fashion) doesn't qualify under those terms. :x


Doesn't matter where or who you buy it from, when your screen goes "defective" (in other words dropped or sat on), no retailer or manufacturer will repair it for you unless you pay extra for their accidental coverage.


There are some things that I've come to realize dealing with Best Buy. They cater to the lower range clientelle (one's that just say "ooh..pretty, I'll take that one".

I did my research on which laptop I wanted to buy. It was an Asus. They have a great program where for one year, they'll repair/replace drops, spills, electrical damage, etc. Great.

The issue just came up as this Asus now has a cracked screen. I checked up on my Asus registration to get a RMA or whatever it takes to get it repaired. Best Buy is one of the few retailers out there that "does not participate" in this program. I called Best Buy, and of course, I did not buy the extended warranty because...I THOUGHT it would be covered by Asus!

DO NOT pass go, do not collect a new screen. Next time, I buy through NewEgg, as I should have done this time. Going to call Asus tomorrow and throw myself at their feet in case that makes any difference.

You never know. :x


I bought a 65 inch TV and paid extra for the Geek Squad set up. When they brought it over, they refused to even plug it into the wall.


First, Asus is not an off brand of any kind. They make motherboards and that's what they are known for.

Second, did you really expect to get that great of a product when you spent $250???

Third, why is it Best Buy's fault that the product was faulty? Do you think Best Buy employees walk into a warehouse and say "Give me the crappiest of the products. We want all the defective ones."? If you're going to be mad about a product going bad, be mad at the manufacturer, not the retailer.

Fourth, you were way out of the return policy, and I assume did not buy the protection plan. Best Buy doesn't have to offer a return policy period, and even though they do, you were 26 days out of it for laptops.